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The Virlar mostly reside in Eviv, their cold homeland, but some have ventured out into the other countries. Few Virlar ever travel to the hot desert of Trua. Virlar are the original settlers of Eviv. They built the city of Frostpine, which is one of the two oldest cities in Laeta that is still standing and still inhabited. It is suspected that the Virlar have inhabited Frostpine further back than the country's records go. They have also inhabited the whole of Eviv further back than the records go.


The average height of a Virlar is the same as that of humans. Virlar have thick fur all over their bodies. Fur color varies between people. They have bigger eyes than that of a human, with no visible white. Their eyes can be any color, though eye and fur color are hereditary. Virlar can see very well in the dark and have excellent hearing. Their ears are long, furry, and pointed. They have the same lifespan as humans. Virlar mages cannot have the element of fire.


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