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Summer Camp Pledge 2023


For Summer Camp I will be focusing on Ractus and Kelareth. If a prompt really stirs up ideas for my other two worlds (Laeta and Eavris), I will write articles for those, but I would like to build Ractus and Kelareth. I am hoping to complete all of the prompts.

Theme: Power


The gods are definitely powerful individuals. Especially in Hari, the country where they have knights and cities. The Elder Three, rulers of Lachra must all three agree to make a decision, which means some decisions take a very long time. The Rain Seer of Morus is chosen by a magic stone and hears whispers in the rain. Sometimes these whispers say it's the end of an era and what the name of the next era is. And the Ethaeus family of Consilium. They hate magic, not believing what they themselves can do is a form of magic. Kelareth definitely needs more organizations that are not country rulers. Smaller groups like guild and even cults.


This world is a bit of a sketch at the moment, but the basic details of the countries are ready. The two schools in Stillwell are organizations of a sort, and they definitely have power and influence. The hunters of Eculus need a name and further details. The main mining group in Dexus would have a lot of power, considering Dexus is the world's main source of coal. The railroad organization would be powerful, but trains may yet be removed from the world. Maybe some sort of library in Scorun run by hoarders of knowledge.

Theme: Frontier


The deep mountains of the range between Scorun and Dexus might be an unexplored frontier. And the mountains at the north end of Dexus. The sea is a frontier. Is it being explored? There are only two known continents currently. Three counting Venusta, which sank. Metaphorical frontiers could be new mining techniques in Dexus or Scorun. Perhaps there's espionage between the mines of the two countries.


As with Ractus, a good question is whether there is sea exploration, and if not then why? There is one known continent for Kelareth, which is home to seven countries, two of which were wiped out far in the past. The mountains of Acantha are an interesting exploration opportunity. Maybe not all of the continent's plentiful forest has been explored. Morus is particularly sparse on settlements but full of forest. Obsertus could be tempting, but not the city itself. If no explorers ever return, eventually people would stop going in there. Metaphorical frontiers would be the discovery of previously lost history, an understanding of the world's magic, and someone should want to know how gods differ from humans physically, since the gods of Kelareth have physical bodies. Some of the gods would be open to these questions. Some wouldn't.

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Theme: Relics


The tyrant of Consilium had a big impact on the country. The tyrant needs a name, and it's likely not a popular name in Consilium anymore. Many of the gods had swords imbued with their power and some of the swords belonging to dead gods are still out there, just waiting to be found. has there been a notable occurrence of someone finding one of these swords? Many of the old gods have been forgotten, but maybe there are records of them somewhere in Kelareth. The most likely place would be Obsertus.


Ractus is scant on history at the moment. King Areno Vardo of Vernius would be revered in Vernius and Pelus for him stopping Scorun's attempted invasion of Pelus. Are there any relics displayed in memory of him? Each of the countries needs something on the history timeline and more in general for the history of the world. Ruins, maybe some ancient burial grounds. What is the oldest city and what can be found there that shows the history of the city and the country?

Theme: Communication


How do the countries communicate with each other? What about communication between settlements? Are there horses or something similar, food messengers, or some sort of messenger bird? Other trained animals that carry messages? Perhaps the Weaver's Guild in Vernius's main city of Setinna has its own way of commination. And the miners of Dexus. There are those in Scorun who are against the king, who is becoming more and more tyrannical. They should have a way of communicating for their group, to pass messages and keep their doings a secret. And the hierarchy of communications in Vernius, do the dukes report to the king and how often? What about smaller settlements who report to the dukes? Any lost languages?


The trained Harian Hawks of Hari already have an article, but do the other countries have something similar, or other methods based on terrain and weather? Does it take longer to communicate in the snowy mountains of Acantha? Does the Ethaeus family of Consilium have a special way of communicating with family members across distances? The Elder Three of Lachra have known each other for a long time. Do they have a way of communicating that has formed over the years? Maybe they know each other well enough they can communicate through expression alone. Do the gods have their own language? Is it something lost to the younger gods, or is it something they know even if they've died and returned? (The gods lose their memories when they're reborn. Their power is also much stronger the older they are.)


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8 Jun, 2023 22:20

Wooo CAMP FERAL!! :D You've got this! Do you have a favourite article template that you're hoping for in the upcoming prompts?

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
9 Jun, 2023 14:05

This is only my second year of Summer Camp, but I've been looking forward to it since the end of the last one. I'm hoping for a flora based prompt, but locations are my second favorite.

9 Jun, 2023 15:01

I'm hoping for those too so I can expand a new area of my world that I've got planned :D   I guess we'll both find out pretty soon what the prompts have in store for us!

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior