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The coldest country, Eviv is the homeland of the Virlar people. Their fur keeps them warm in the perpetual cold of the forest of Eviv. Many humans also live in Eviv. No Fenbri live in the snowy forest due to the cold.

Terrain and Weather

Eviv occupies the southeast part of the big continent. The north border is mountains and forest. The west border is forest that extends down along the south shore, to the round outcropping that is a steep, rocky cliff. The east side is rocky and forested. The center of Eviv has a brief stretch of rocky plains. The forest of Eviv, which covers most of the country, is cold and snowy all year.

Flora and Fauna

Eviv has both wolves and bears in its forests, as well as snow hares. The most numerous birds are white doves and owls. The forest of Eviv is entirely pine. many species of thorny shrub grow in Eviv, as well as the flower Night Rose, from which a poison can be made.


Eviv is ruled by a Virlar king who lost his queen many years ago. King Luca hasn't been seen by the court or the people of Eviv in a long time. Many suspect he has died. The king wasn't often seen after the death of Queen Yara, but since his one year old daughter, Princess Sofia, went missing, he hasn't been seen at all. The country has, for the most part, been taken over by the king's younger brother, Lord Joris, ruling as regent. No progress has been made on finding the princess, though many have searched. There are rumors the royal family is cursed, despite a Priest of Finis having verified they are not.

"Terrible things have befallen the royal line, but we are not cursed. The country must carry on, despite what has happened." - Lord Joris, Regent of Eviv

Frostpine. The main city, in the snowy forest.

Snowdrop. A small village in the forest.

Notable Locations


The Grand Clock


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