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Side note: Still a work in progress, many articles are still stubs right now but I am working to flesh out the world more and fix all the stub articles, also the image above is a placeholder image

Primary overview

The world of Laeriss is a land of massive floating continents orbiting one great central core. The world got this way through an event taking place two-hundred years ago called The Solstice of Shadows where the sword of the shadow lord Shraenire was plunged into the core of the world. The destruction created by the splitting of Laeriss caused huge amounts of debris to fall to the core, the intense magical field of the core tore apart the debris, flinging it into the atmosphere creating the second moon of Laeriss and its two great rings.

The Followers of Evil Gods are Returning

Before the split the world was in chaos as evil doers and disciples of Shraenire, the demon lord of shadow, worked to take enough souls to free Shraenire from the nine hells, now the so-called shadow legion is reforming in secret and aiming to once again revive their god and reform the world anew. Though Shraenire isn't the only dark deity around, many other gods followed by The Infernal Denomination are also seeking out disciples to carry out their plans and they now are seeking to destroy the other religious factions.

Political Tensions Rise

Unaware to most political turmoil is once again brewing within the largest city on Laeriss known as Kemler. On an even bigger scale, while at first after the solstice the world was just trying to recover, now in the most recent hundred years tensions have been rising over how borders will shift with the different continents. Wars are being started once more with the drow fighting the High elves over the west Zerion Mountain range and the aarakocra people are beginning to feud with the dwarves over the distribution of a material created after the solstice by The World Core (Energy field) known as Averiine.

Lost continents drift

Meanwhile in the destruction of the split some massive land masses were lost to the open skies, not re-discovered by the greater population. Zaquii, the homeland of the dragon born, contains incredibly advanced technologies unheard of by the world. The Darklands where the Blade of Shraenire is still located, is the home base for the remaining followers of Shraenire, the mystical Mt. Colossus has magic unheard of to the rest of Laeriss, all these continents still drift without any knowledge of them by the people of the main continents.


Laeriss is a huge and beautiful world of magic and monsters but like any world it is not without problems, indeed it has many of them. While the threat of dragons and demons always lurks the real threats are the ones which lurk within the shadows of Laeriss. Draw curtains, dramatic drums, trumpet flare

If anybody notes an article that seems important but for some reason is stupidly short, please leave a helpful comment to remind me to get it together!