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POV for this world is from inside a dome that surrounds a circular area approx. 400 miles (645 km) in diameter, centered on a tall, lonely mountain. The enclosed space includes coastline, plains, steppe, mountains, and other temperate landscapes.   The people inside the dome are all one nation, with a very loose domestic government, but a very influential religion. The people have existed for a thousand years, growing from the original 17 castaways, to over a million. They've never known war, and don't understand many of the concepts that are prevalent in more violent cultures (i.e. no fortified castles, armor, or weapons designed to kill large numbers of people).   According to the Temple, outside the dome is a wasteland, haunted by demonic creatures, constantly trying to breach the walls and take the fertile lands inside for themselves. One of the oldest responsibilities of the Temple is to maintain the integrity of the dome, through prayer and rituals.   As it turns out, the entire culture within the dome is living a lie. They are trapped inside a mystical prison designed to hold an evil god (spirit beings called the Kel), called the Kel of Dark Places. One of the good Kel of the pantheon, the Kel of the Balance was also sealed inside to keep the evil Kel from breaking out. The people started worshiping the Kel of the Balance when they first awoke at the top of the mountain, praying for help in surviving the harsh journey to the plains below. They were creatures created by the evil god to be his means of conquering the rest of the pantheon, but they have no idea of their purpose, or why they awoke alone and afraid.   Now, a thousand years later, the evil god has secretly weakened the barrier, and is manipulating the unsuspecting Temple into performing a ritual that will finally set him free. As the years passed, and he grew in strength, he suborned the priesthood into secretly following him instead of the Kel of the Balance. Now a faction inside the Temple is building a powerful device on the edge of the world that could shatter the barrier forever.

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