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Labyrinth of the Planes

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said the gods created Labyrinth. But then the primordials planted a seed of chaos in it. The Powers began to fight over the city. The Godswar ended when the Pale Influences banished all Powers from the city. What few Powers remain of that time are old, but the city of Labyrinth, the Nexus, is their legacy!" — the Mystic


Welcome to Labyrinth of the Planes! You are reading the Labyrinth Core, both player’s guide and campaign setting guide for my vision of the Multiverse and the Planes. This is a custom setting designed to be used with Pathfinder 2nd Edition.


This setting was born out of my love for unique worlds and cosmos, for character narratives within such settings. I have always enjoyed such settings as Planescape, Pathfinder, Eberron, and many other esoteric, wonderful worlds. If you are familiar with the aforementioned settings, then I hope you enjoy my setting as much as thousands have enjoyed the works of Paizo Inc., Monte Cook, Richard Garfield, and Gary Gygax – whose own work very much inspired mine.


Labyrinth of the Planes, or just Labyrinth, is a place where anything is possible, though not all choices are wise. You may behold the glories of the Heavens, depravities of the Netherplanes, capracious machinations of the Fáy, or even chaotic shapings of the Maelstrom. Let imagination, inquisitiveness, and 'jus’ plain ol’ fun' guide you through the numerous possibilities of the Multiverse!


It is my wish that you enjoy playing within this world as much as I have enjoyed creating it. This is my gift, to you, the players and game masters, the Planeswalkers. I hope that my small work of creativity can be a minute part of sparking your own creativity.


Sam Brockmann


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