the Watch

The town Watch is the military unit charged with protecting the town of Nedev in peace and in war.  The Watch in Nedev is a life-long job.  Once you sign up you are committed to 20 years of active duty followed by the rest of your life as part of the militia that can be called back to service by the Baron Zazar Nocroth.   The Watch is very well respected in the town and surrounding countryside, although there are occasional bad apples amongst the unit, most are dedicated, hard-working and loyal to the Baron and the town.    The Watch works closely with the Constable and the Sheriff to make sure criminals are brought to justice, as well as defending the walls against attacks.



The Watch has 100 to 120 members, plus a dozen officers. Most ofthem are stationed at the Barracks of Nedev but a number of them are also stationed in each of the Watch Towers.


Each member of the Watch has leather armor, a helmet and round shield as protection. Every Watch member is trained in spear, and club. As they become more experienced, they also are trained in crossbow or short bow. Those stationed in the Watch Towers are also trained in how to use the ballista that are located at each tower.   Officers have chain shirts, and carry short swords normally.


The Watch is commanded by the Captain of the Watch, Ralun Silverbeard, who answers only to the Baron, although he cooperates closely with the Constable and the Sheriff. The Captain has several lieutenants under him, including the Gatekeepers who are assigned to the three gates into Nedev. Each of the lieutenants has several sergeants under them, and each Watch Tower has a sergeant of the Tower who is the commander of that tower and the men assigned to it. And each sargeant has 10 to 15 men under him.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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