Sign of Xi

A very rude gesture in Kyrn is the sign of Xi. It recreates the the letter 'X', one of the oldest symbols of the Fallen goddess Xi, and is used to degrade the subject of the gesture by marking them as one of the Dark Ones, and therefore not worthy of any humane consideration.


The Sign of Xi, while considered rude and degrading in civilized society, had it's start as a way for the Dark Ones to identify each other in a subtle manner as worshippers of Xi. However once the secret sign was discovered by the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent and its meaning spread throughout the lands, the worshippers of Xi stopped using it for fear of being discovered. So it turned into a way of accusing someone of being a Dark One, and thus possibly causing ruin to them and their families. Overtime, the number of people that actually were dark Ones using the sign decreased, so the policing of the sign has waned, leaving it as just a rude and uncivil way of casting disrespect on another.


The Sign of Xi is made by making a fist with both hands, extending and crossing the middle fingers with the palms of the fist facing each other. For added rudeness, the fists are then bumped against the forehead of the person making the gesture while staring at the recipient. Various regional differences do occur, for example the tribes of the Zayira Desert make the same gesture but then spit on the ground as well to show that the recipient is not worth their water weight.


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