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Oasis of the Zayirin

The Jewel of Zayira

"I saw the moon and stars, and the beauty from afar, as I approached the Jewel of Zayira" -- From "The Song of the Sands" by Pasianheb Shemra
The oasis of Zayirin sits in the south central part of Zelcel, only ten miles north of the Khaziram Mountains. It is the ancestral home of the Zayira tribe, and it's leader Zultana Zelradas of Záyírà. Because it is occupied year round, it is one of the only locations in Zelcel with permanent structures, and as such it also houses a large market where goods are brought in by caravan from all of the western Empire, and lands beyond. When the bards sing about the beauty of Zelcel, they generally are referring to this jewel of the desert.


A high stone wall surrounds the Oasis with many guard towers spaced along it's perimeter. The Army of the Zultana is composed mostly of her tribesmen and women, but several other allied tribes also supply members, and the army also hires mercenaries to keep it's numbers high.

Industry & Trade

The market at the oasis serves many items brought in by caravan, and the water of the oasis is a valuable commodity to sell to those wishing to water their animals, take baths, or load up skins for the journey to come. By law, no one can be denied a drink from the oasis, unless they are condemned, but animals, bathing and transport of the water can be charged for.


The oasis of the Zayirin has a huge water supply that never dries up making it a very valuable asset in the vastness of the Zayira Desert. It has ben controlled by the Zultana's tribe for generations, and has made them powerful and rich.

Guilds and Factions

Each of the two dozen tribes has emissaries here at the oasis to plead their causes to the Zultana, and the caravanasi are prevalent merchants and agents to help move goods across the sands.


Most of the buildings in the Oasis are either stone or mud brick, although many tents also exist as semi-permanent shelters.  The buildings are generally one or two stories high, with shaded roof patios that help keep the building from overheating in the sun.


The oasis sits in the morning shadow of a lonely mountain, on an otherwise unremarkable desert dune sea. The oasis itself is fed from un underground aquifer of unknown origin, although many have said it is a gift from the gods. The several lakes that make up the oasis, seem to have no bottom, and are an emerald green in color.

Natural Resources

The people of the oasis are able to grow crops in the surrounding area, as water from the lakes is used for irrigation.  Stone from the mountain is used as a building material for those that can afford it, and the mud bricks made from water and camel dung are used in most of the commoners dwellings. But the most valuable resource is the water.
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