Juggling Jester

The Juggling Jester is a tavern that is known as a place of revelry in the town of Nedev. The Jester, as it is usually called, has a large common room, and a second floor that has balcony seating overlooking it and the small stage that is almost always occupied by some entertainer or another. The third floor of the Jester has a few rooms for rent, but most of it's revenue comes from selling alcohol to the folk that come in to drink and be entertained. In Tinker's Square in front of the Jester, are several tables and chairs for the overflow crowds, as well as a spot on the porch for additional entertainers to perform.   The crowd in the Jester is quite diverse, from merchants and sailors to the poor from the Alleys, to the nobles who feel like slumming for the evening. The Jester doesn't open until late afternoon and starts filling up before dusk, and is usually crowded well into the early morning hours before closing down just before sunrise. The drinks are good, large and well-priced, with more expensive options for those who have the coin for it.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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