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The Horkani are nomadic horse peoples from the grasslands north of the western Empire of Kyrnia. They are know for their fierce, lightning raids on the populations that live near their lands. They use these raids to steal, plunder and enslave all that they can, before disappearing back into their lands.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Female names are generally the names of flowers, plants, birds or other feminine concepts.   Typical female names (with translations to common):¬† Dunabi (Blue meadow flower Kalane (Sweet tuber Ashehe (Yellow bird Dalibi (Morning dew)

Masculine names

Male names are generally the names of animals, monsters, or other powerful and aggressive things.   Typical male names (with translations to common): Drapal (Fast Horse Gibagar (River Tumak (Lion Shamugun (Sky Dragon)

Family names

The family name is based on the clan the person belongs to. This is usually determined by birth, but in the case of females taken as wives to other clans, their name would change to the clans name.¬† When slaves are brought into a clan, they also take on the clan name, but with a -kol added on the end to indicate ownership.   Typical clan names: Akanala; Ebulu; Shudemma; Orishi; Mushubil; Udus; Uminiga; Shedab


Common Etiquette rules

It is considered rude to ignore the elders when approaching a group. Respect must be paid to those according to their age and standing within the clan.


Beauty Ideals

The Horkani see nature as the the epitome of Beauty. To describe someone's beauty you would use comparisons to nature. Females are describes as warm like the southern wind, or bright as the noon sun. Men as fast as a diving hawk, or strong as flooding river.

Gender Ideals

Gender is not as important to the Horkani as some other cultures. Men and women are expected to be able to ride or walk all day long, and fight fiercely. Both genders go on raids, and both genders can be elevated in rank.

Courtship Ideals

The man is expected to pursue the woman, as a lion pursues the antelope, while the woman is careful to let the right lion catch her, and she recognizes the pursuer is the correct lion for her, the pursuit does not last long. Courtship usually begins with the man presenting a gift to the woman's family, and then a smaller gift directly to the woman if the first gift is accepted. The woman can accept or reject the gift as she sees fit, and a rejection is accepted by the man, and he looks elsewhere. But if it is accepted, the then woman in a few days time will present the man with a challenge so that he may prove his worth to her and her family.

Relationship Ideals

The ideal relationship in the Horkani world is one of equals. Each has a role, but each is an equal partner in achieving their collective goals, or raising a family and growing in wealth and respect within the clan.
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