Goblin Eye

Nedev has seen a recent spat of the disease that is called Goblin Eye. It seems to effect those living in the tenements of the Alley district and those who come in contact with those that live there.   Once afflicted with Goblin Eye, the sufferer will begin getting red and watery eyes, which over the course of the condition becomes worse and worse. The pupils slowly dialate making it difficult to see in bright light. The condition eventually goes away, but during the height of the affliction the person tends to stumble around in bright light, often colliding with others or tripping over obstacles in their path.   This has led many in Nedev to consider the dwellers in the Alley district to be unclean and not acceptable in other parts of the town. Many servants and other workers who live in the tenements, but work for the lords, or for merchants and shopkeepers, have lost their jobs over the threat of spreading Goblin Eye to the upper classes.   The reason for the condition is unknown, but several doctors think it has to do with the stench of the tenements and have suggested people living there should purchase aromaiacs or flowers to keep the stench at bay. Others think it might be the filth that the Alley dwellers live in, and if they would just wash their faces once a week like the rest of the town they would be fine. A third group supports the idea that there is a curse placed over the Alley district by the Goblin Shamans who used to conduct their evil rituals in that location.   There is no known cure for this condition which seems to pass in most cases within about two weeks, with most of the severe symptoms dimishing after one week. Attempts to freshen the air, wash the faces, and charms against curses seem to have only limited effect.


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