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Aamir Azam

(a.k.a. The Black Cat)

Aamir Azam is the leader of a gang of thieves and assassins in the Oasis of the Zayirin in Zelcel. It is unclear if this is his true name or an alias, but it is the name that brings fear to the populace of the oasis.   His gang is called the Cats for their ability to sneak through the night without being seen. They often leave a dead mouse in the mouth of their victims as a sign of their work. It is said to be very dangerous to seek out the Cats, but a few quiet words spoken to the right people can get you a meeting with a representative, but no one ever meets Aamir in person.   Aamir is a very harsh taskmaster. He does not tolerate failures or disobedience in his gang. It is said that the only time a member of the Cats ever sees Aamir is right before he kills them for some transgression.
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