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“Once upon a time so very long ago, the Progenitor of Demons awoke from his slumber and brought about the Second Calamity. He and his terrible spawn quickly overtook the divided world of Varrus, corrupting each and every continent until only one remained; Kyril. In the heart of the chaos, three great heroes of phenomenal strength and power emerged to defend the last continent. Together, they fought back against the Old Demons and sealed the Progenitor of Demons away once more.   However, His terrible offspring remained, their number so great that they threatened to overwhelm the Three Heroes and all of Kyril. And so the Ancient Races banded together and devised a plan to save Kyril from the encroaching darkness. The most brilliant and talented men, elves, faeries, and orcs constructed the Eternity Crystal, a great vessel of magic in the depths of the earth that radiated an infinite amount of mana. The Ancient Races developed a series of magicks and apparatuses to safeguard Kyril, and the continent was lifted high into the air, leaving the land far below.   The people who were present during the birth of the Eternity Crystal were bestowed eternal youth, and they reorganized the continent of Kyril, taming the changing wilderness and teaching the New Races that emerged from the jungles and deserts. For a little more than ten-thousand years, Kyril has remained safe from the grasp of the Old Demons, and so we honor the sacrifice of those who fought to save Kyril, and show our respect to the Three Heroes of the Old World and the Ancients who still survive.”

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