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Intro to Kyre: Stormsong

Dear applicant,

We are pleased to inform that you have been accepted into the outreach programs of Sibar Severstone's Institute of the Arcane. The schoolyear begins on the the seventh day of the month after the new year, and you are expected to have all materials on hand when classes begin.

— Sincerely, Falgun Severstone
by Krystal Ng

Long ago, the world shattered. After the initial conflict and confusion, people found the world to be spliced together with a twin version of itself--- one with its own history, creatures, and moon, but identical geographies.

Invisible walls separating Kyre from itself meet at beacon-like points of light that stretch to the heavens. Travelers can circle around these "vertices" to reach places that used to neighbor each other before the Splice.

Due to their high traffic and a valuable magical crystal called aetherite that grows around them, these are powerful landmarks to control.

The cause of the ancient cataclysm that shaped the world this way is still unknown, shrouded by myths and the passage of time. It caused a great deal of calamity in its days, but new challenges arise in this age as well. There is increasing unrest, a global shift towards an unknown end, but the future may yet be swayed by the driven and powerful. Do you have what it takes?

Our story begins in the vertex city of Bhunyar, where you have been accepted into Sibar Severstone's Institute of the Arcane. Although none of you are full wizards, and some of you are here against your will, the school offers many resources that aren't available to most of the world. Knowledge is power, and as students at the top magic academy in Thundermaw, you certainly have a lot of it at your fingertips. How will you use it?

Sages of Ioun by Noah Bradley

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Cover image: Jungle City by JordanGrimmer


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