Reading Summer Camp 2022

  These are nine of the articles I liked, though I read many more that were interesting. World Anvil has many great idea writers!  
Species that Survives in an Unlikely Place
Species | Oct 18, 2022
I find the idea of a species able to exist in the void of space as well as in a gas-giant cloud interesting
Blizzard Butterfly
Species | Jul 30, 2022
Butterflies! And they mark interesting ruins to explore. Cool.
Silver Leafed Snowdrop
Species | Jul 8, 2022
I love ice and winter and cold stuff in fiction, which is odd, because in real life, I grew up in ice and winter and cold and hated it. I enjoyed how they explained how the plant survived through a mutual relationship with fungi.
Leads Known World in Something
Settlement | Jul 9, 2022
Reading through this article reminded me of my medieval art history classes, and the grand cathedrals and how the paintings always had the important people so much larger than everything else (including buildings).
Settlement | Jul 23, 2022
Abstract art pics are great. The bright colors and simple lines add a sense of joy and cheerfulness to the article.
Material Harvested from Nature
Fish Dye - Swaankoler
Material | Jul 16, 2022
Beautiful pictures. I'm such a sucker for a great pic in an article.
Cherry Scorpion Venom
Material | Jul 31, 2022
What an interesting idea, taking venom then molding it into art. Art changes everything (for the better!).
Material | Jul 22, 2022
Loved the phrase "weak iridescence and a strong opalescence" in reference to the dye. It really set in my mind what the garmets dyed with moonbright looked like.


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