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Welcome to Kutania

Written by UnitedWeAdventure

In times long forgotten, there was an ancient and powerful god that ruled over a land steeped in magic. Reviled by some and feared by most, this god and his devotees enjoyed the domination of the world’s diversity of races through enslavement and vile, despicable deeds. One race, in particular, cultivated a zealot-like devotion to the god that allowed for the creation of legions of monsters, minions and acolytes.

After almost a millennium in power, this ancient, evil race grew complacent. A new race, humanity, threatened their very existence though they did not know it. As the human population swelled, worship of new gods caused the power of the old evil god to diminish. Revolution embroiled Kutania, and the enslaved races, including humans, were forced to take refuge across the ocean by fleeing in whatever vessels they could buy, build or steal.

Seeking asylum and freedom, the refugees were met with a wondrous, serene landscape full of promise. At first allies, then competitors, the races divided. Humans were shunned and seen as nothing more than vermin. Finding their place in the new land, separate from the other races, they were able to build and thrive in towns and cities. With the ability to progoneate quickly, it wasn’t long until the human nation was vast and strong.

Over time, the slights felt by their ancestors translated into condescension and racism. The old races retreated further from human society - Dwarves to the mountains, short folk to the hills and Elves to the mist - all wishing to avoid the warmongering, power-hungry ways of the humans.

The evil that has been quiet for so long has started to find its way to the new land. Strange ships with alien looking crews, missing people, people that suddenly act like someone different or those afflicted with night terrors have started to impact towns near the coast of Echo Bay. Although consistent and repetitive, the Empire continues to dismiss the occurrences as rumors or something that cannot be proven.

The people warn of dark omens and prophecies of repeated history, but humanity is tending toward complacency. Although the evil that has been asleep for so long seems to be awakened, there is hope with the Warden’s Watch and those that can band together for the good of all.

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