Written by Agent Serro

Shinzoku (Japanese: 神族親族 lit. dragon god race, sometimes referred as kamigami 神々かみがみ, lit. the gods) are the gods that oppose the Mazoku and negative energies.   Unlike mazoku, shinzoku are few in Kutania. Instead of sacrificing a portion of their power to create underlings, they opted to act through their servants, the Ryūzoku most of the time.   Shinzoku can gain power from the positive energies of Kantania, similarly to the mazoku, who feed upon the negative energy. This means that shinzoku are able to benefit from their worshipers directly; on the other hand, the loss of temples, priests and/or worshipers can weaken them. The mazoku exploited this vulnerability during the War. With the human empire growing larger and the ever-superstitious humans not allowing worship of any besides the Sun Goddess, they are slowly beginning to lose their strength allowing the negative energy to grow stronger in Kutania.   Recently, due to the huge increase of negative energy in the Starting Region, the Shinzoku protecting the area was forced out and a Dark Queen stepped in. With the drop of positive energy and the increase of negative energy in the region currently, the Shinzoku are now at their weakest and no longer able to help the races of the world battle against the mazoku. There are even some whispers that now the Mazoku are stronger than the Shinzoku, they currently plan on attacking the Shinzoku.  
Ryūzoku (Japanese: 竜族りゅうぞく, translated as dragon race) are dragons with great intelligence and the ability to use spells.   This category includes the golden dragons, black dragons, white dragons and the ancient dragons.   All of them are theoretically servants of the shinzoku, but the ancients take on a more neutral position, trying not to actively involve themselves in the conflict against the mazoku. They should also not be mistaken for other wilder dragons found within Kutania. Although their appearances are similar, the ryūzoku and the shinzoku are not directly related; still, as shinzoku usually act through their servants, most wars are actually fought between the ryūzoku and the mazoku.   Near the end of The Blood War involving the sleeping god, the Ryuzoku ancient dragons demanded that they continue the battle and eliminate both the sleeping god and the Mazoku. The Shinzoku elders did not wish to risk losing any more of their kin so decided to leave the battle just as the Mazoku did. Ancient dragons being the largest, most powerful of the dragon race were also the most temperamental as well. Feeling betrayed by the elders and being angry with losing the chance to rid the world of Mazoku once and for all, they separated from the others. Even to this day, they refuse to take part in the Twilight Council and tend to do things their own way.     As with the Mazoku, both Shinzoku and Ryuzoku are able to assume different forms which allows them to interact with the races of this world without being noticed. They tend to be found in positions of leadership or educational roles among churches or other places of high amounts of positive energies. They prefer to watch instead of getting involved but with positive energy being so low now, they are starting to take more action into the dealings of others.   Think of Shinzoku and Ryuzoku as a hybrid half dragon and half god, with Shinzoku being more god and Ryuzoku being more dragon.     Hierarchy of the Shinzoku
  1. Shub-Niggurath, the world defender
  2. Sovereign Gods
  3. Kaioshin Kasi Kings and Queens
  4. Shinzoku Attestants
  5. Ryūzoku


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