The Sirens

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Madness will always exist. And the laws of these waters only continue to promote it.
~ Captain Omen ~

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Siren's Call

It all began with the rise of the pirate lords. Plutocracy had reigned in the Silver Piece Islands for long enough, all thanks to the ruthless plutocrat, Yzenna Ore. With the aid of four mighty captains, her ship, her crew, and herself were left to sink to the ocean floor, and with it the old way of life.   The four captains became the four pirate lords. And in their rise, a code of laws was drafted. A code unchangeable and unbreakable. But in its creation, the pirate lords had grown a philosophy because of Yzenna's treachery. No man had ever been as merciless and as villainous as this one woman had, and the law that came as a result only served to foster further division in the islands.   Women could not reside as captains, quartermasters, or first mates on a ship.   This, inevitably, decimated the female culture's ability to obtain authority and notoriety. One's ability to actively seek out work for themselves got them far, but ultimately, it was a person's rank and ownership of a vessel in the end that determined their importance and character.   While men thrived in a completely free and adventurous society, women suffered under the submissive, and at times oppressive, rule of the collective code. It should have come to no surprise when they started to rise up in pirate crews of their own.   These rebels discarded every notion the collective code stood for, wishing instead to take control of the islands so that they may turn the tables. Many sung the call, and many answered. Ships were stolen, crews were mutinied, and trade became an ever more dangerous business.   These all-female pirates had many crews and many ships, but they all sailed for the same purpose. Their infamy grew quickly around the islands, and by the time they had gained their name today, the Sirens, every captain had united as one color under their first pirate lord, Ivantus Goldblade.   Under her, the Sirens continued to expand. Their fleet grew to greater than ten ships, and the wealth they accumulated grew just the same. Other captains made a name for themselves during this time too: Duala "Heartbreaker" Aun, for her bone-shattering attack on Darkwater that destroyed the pirate lord, Captain Soul's original ship. Trish "Hookfinger" Mathasda, for being the only pirate to sink a Tenelean cruiser. And Nadeen "Cutthroat" Omen, for succeeding in the decimation of Ravenna's most prized fleet in the event called, the Sinking of Steel.   But at one point, the crews became divided. Ivantus, despite her success, was reckless and left many to die in her actions. But the rising captain, Nadeen, showed greater promise for their cause, tailored by her very silver tongue. Power shifted away from Ivantus until Nadeen had the entire faction at her beck and call.   Ultimately, Ivantus was left to starve the rest of her days away on Solitary Island as Nadeen took over her quarters.   Under Captain Omen, the Sirens are more organized, more aware, and more aggressive than ever before. Sailors beware the ships with the golden kraken on their flag, for to see one means to be seen. And to be seen by Sirens is to perish moments later.
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We won't be stooped below the boots of men. We won't stop until they realize their mistake. And then, we'll kill 'em anyway.
~ Captain Heartbreaker ~

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Illicit, Pirate Crew

Ship Culture

Normal SPC culture dictates every role on a ship is a valued one. A cook, though they may have less authority, is just an integral part to a crew as the captain is. Gunners, bosuns, navigators, all play an equal part in the function of the ship and the relationship of the crew.   The Sirens don't play by those rules. On their ships, there are only three roles that matter. The captain, the quartermaster, and the first mate. Everything else is just semantics. Reason being, because the faction stands against everything the collective code stands for. Everything they do is done as a message of rebellion to the SPC.   Interestingly enough, this has often caused high levels of competition within the crews who seek to vie for one of the three positions. It was for the very same reason why Ivantus Goldblade was overthrown by Nadeen Omen.
If we shouldn't be captains, then why are we so good at it?
~ Captain Omen

Siren Lieutenants

Every captain in the Sirens hold equal power, save for the pirate lord who has infinitely more. But under Nadeen Omen, there are those captains who, because of their skill, she holds to a higher degree of command and advisory.   The first is Captain Harpy. Ethlana Waterloo, a vicious pirate who once suffered under the cannibalistic behaviors of a harpy. Her tenacity let her break away, and she wears a cloak of enchanted harpy feathers to show others of that. She controls the waters north of Scally Bay.   The second is Captain Freyda, an ambitious captain who controlled the waters in Blood Bottom Bay. She was notorious for nightly attacks, but was ultimately slain by the crew of the Midnight Gambit.   The third is Captain Hookfinger. Her name is Trish Mathasda, and she holds a very large grudge against the Tenelean Empire. So much that she became the first pirate to ever sink a Tenelean cruiser. She controls the waters around Dauphin Island.   And finally, Captain La Sombra. Tinuvel Tal is a drow, an exile from a land far away. An exile looking for power. She proved herself a reliable captain after mutinying her entire ship on her own. She controls the waters east of Looter's Cove.
Y' might stop us. But y' will never break us.
~ Captain Harpy

Cover image: Iron Fleet by Igor Artyomenko


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