Session IV - Envoys and Secrets

General Summary

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Their titles were beginning to leave an impression on others. Some were good, others not so good.
~ Igra, the Conceiver ~

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Heartened Hunt

Together, the Nox Victorum traveled by cart and horse north past the Imperium into the forests west of Mt. Heart. They dismounted as they began to traverse the rock and sand shoreline of the Thalia Sea to investigate for any possible presence in the area. Sure enough, after some time they all came across several large-sized sampans that were beached; they were clearly Endolish in design.   Nearby, Seven and Cassandros also spotted sets of tracks leading away from the area. Some were humanoid, but most of it animalistic. Seven discerned these were moose tracks, an animal only Lorcan seemed to not know about.   They followed the tracks of their targets so they could catch and eliminate them. However, four hours in, they still had not caught to their prey. By this point, everyone saw tracks being covered and false trails being laid around them. Their targets had quite clearly caught onto their pursuers and were trying to lose them; Nox Victorum picked up their pace.   To their relief, the extra effort paid off as they found the envoy and his escort huddled deep in dense area of the forest, resting to eat and keep out of sight, quite clearly hoping Nox Victorum would have just walked right past them.   While everyone else stayed back, Wren stalked to the left with her invisibility while Seven stalked right, through the tree shade. The noble envoy was accompanied by a druid who ate with one of the three moose resting nearby them, antlers sharpened to the point. However, when Seven attempted to get a little closer, the crack of a large dry branch under his feet alerted the enemy, forcing everyone to act.   The druid glanced to Kateer, the envoy, pressuring him to run and flee, but was mortified when a single blast of psychic ice from Gregory literally froze the envoy's brain, killing him on impact.   The moose were ferocious, one of them larger than the rest. That moose landed a vicious hit against Gregory with its horns. Ironically, Lorcan's first ever encounter with moose was when a huge one charged at him.   The druid weaved bits of the nature to life with its magic. However, the moose' ferocity and the druid's magic were not enough to stop Nox Victorum. They were all disposed of just like the envoy, all but one moose who Tarsus wished to tame. Of course, that dream remained as so. The most they had done was calm the last remaining moose, it leaving in neutrality knowing it couldn't win the fight if it tried.   With the fighting over, Gregory quickly searched the envoy Kateer, finding a rolled up sealed sheet of fine parchment. When he opened it, he found it was a summons of the Endolish envoy Kateer to the Heartened Soul Monastery, on behalf of Sunjar Goldray. The summons entailed Kateer full rights to an audience and an opportunity to bring forth Endolin's reasoning to persuade the HSM to ally with the Entente Powers. It was very unsettling news to find out.  

Meeting the Locals

Though they had completed their objective, they quickly saw this encounter was not over. Wren noticed a glint coming from the top of Mt. Heart that quickly faded away, just as three cloaked individuals dashed out from the shrubs at fast speed, running away toward the monastery. Not knowing if they were targets or not, they gave chase not wanting to take any bad chances. Wren and Lorcan kept surprisingly good pace against the assailants; at one point Lorcan was ready to fire an arrow at one of three, but questioning whether these were Heartened monks or Endolins, he decided against it.   But, everyone came to a dead halt the moment Cassandros saw the numerous other monks and archers waiting in the canopies they continuously ran past. The three figures disappeared as they regained distance, and then the glint from Mt. Heart returned.   Before a beam of light fired from it, striking the forest ground just thirty feet from Nox Victorum. When the beam stopped, an imposing dwarven man stood where it had been, golden plate armor adorning his body and a vibrant warhammer in both his hands. Both shown very personal depictions of the Dawn Father.   The man was Sunjar Goldray, the paragon leader of the monastery's most popular order, the Dawn Templars. He only had two things to say to the war mongering Teneleans he was looking at. Hand him the summons, and get out. Fearing what power he was capable of, everyone obeyed him to the letter. The two sides parting ways, Nox Victorum returned to the Incursor Keep with the Incursor Stone.   For the first time since the month began, everyone was not on any timeframe. Even though they estimated a little over a week before their next set of missions came in, that was still plenty of time to rest and focus on more personal matters.   Lorcan trained his reflexes in combat using Gregory to magically fling sparring dummies and other objects past him at high speed.   Cassandros, despite being a frail spellcaster in many regards, undertook numerous sparring sessions to drill his endurance and focus in the midst of pain; he looked like a punching bag most of the time.   Tarsus spent more of his time alone, trying to challenge his senses and his awareness of the environment around him.   Gregory studied his sentient tome and attempted to communicate with it through writing, hoping to gain more insight into any arcane secrets it knew and how to invoke it. He was successful in taking the first steps down that path.  

Sibling Reunion

On the other hand, Seven wished to gain more experience in combat. He had the perfect avenue with the keep's training grounds, which were open to issue sparring sessions for the Incursors on set difficulties. Seven, of course, chose to take the hardest opponent Darius Flugzeug would allow.   In the afternoon he stepped into the small arena, he awaited his opponent to enter from the other side. But, when he saw who he was facing, he was utterly surprised. Dressed in full legionnaire armor wielding a sword and shield in both hands, the similar horns that emerged through the helmet was unmistakably familiar. He'd had never thought to see his brother, One, in a situation like this.   Muscular and physically imposing on all levels, One was one of Seven's three surviving siblings, and he was the most physically powerful of them all.   That reality was only made truer when One took down Seven in less then twenty seconds. One only said one thing as he turned and left.   "Weak."   Recovering from his injuries, Seven followed One after the match ended, only to find One sitting in a dungeon cell, using a large whetstone to sharpen the sword Seven had been cut with a little while ago.   Seven tried to open curious and mutual dialogue with One on the whereabouts of their other siblings and 'mother' and 'father', however One's frustrated tone told Seven one thing.   One was angry at him, and possibly everyone else. One took down Seven in nineteen seconds, and he was the stalwart image of a soldier ready to follow even the darkest of orders. Yet, Seven was the one in the Incursors, and One was the sparring dummy in a cell.   Before Seven could say anything else, One cautioned his younger brother to leave while he still could, landing an irritated and stone-cracking punch in the wall next to him. Understanding his position, Seven took his leave without another word.  

The Reliquary

Meanwhile, Wren one day paid a visit to the Concord Military Academy, specifically to visit a very secret place underneath it that not everyone knew about. Her objective was not much different than Gregory's since she planned to commune with her family's patron and try to gain insight into much deeper secrets about the nature of her powers.   Little did she know, Gregory Boulderdash was trailing her the whole way.   He blended in as she cross the courtyard and as she descended into the main Concord estate deep below the academy. After which, she traversed secret passage after secret passage that went even further down until she was out of the estate entirely and in eerie catacombs that rung with a low hum of a cave. She passed by her mother, Raven who was leaving the family's most secret chamber Wren was about to enter.   Gregory had followed all the way down, nearly being discovered by Raven as she walked by the alcove he hid within. She was about to investigate his hiding place when an echo came from the tunnels ahead that led back up to the estate, calling for Raven. She stepped away from the alcove, disappearing down the tunnel, letting Gregory's lungs breathe again.   Wren passed through a strange runic door that extended into a dome-shaped chamber. In the center of it was a large podium, a tome the size of two people resting on it, opened. Cages and other knick-knacks lined the outer walls, some with living birds inside them. Taking one of them, Wren killed it and let its blood settle into the pages, before a towering mound of necrotic smoke arose from it. As the smoke cleared, the large armored figure of the Saint sat on top the pages, its torso phasing into the tome.   In a low, guttural, and gravely voice it simply uttered Wren's name.   Wren told the Saint she wished to learn more from the Saint, and asked to be shown more secrets it knew. The Saint vanished back into the tome, the pages turning back and forth frantically as it agreed to teach Wren. However, Wren had a difficult time understanding the logic behind what the Saint was showing her. In the end, she left no more educated than she had come. It would take more time before this occult lore could sink in fully.   But, Gregory saw this entire display. And he was mortified by what he saw. He stayed out of sight when Wren stalked by him, and when he knew he was alone, he immediately used the Incursor Stone to return to the Incursor Keep. But, as he did, that deep voice entered his mind. It said, "Trespasser. Death. Remembers. All."   When Gregory returned to the keep, he quickly sook out Lorcan, telling him he's learned very bad stuff about the Concords. Lorcan had emblemship in House Concord, but Gregory cautioned him not to run too deep with them. Gregory also expressed his worry about his sister Theresa being a student in the academy. It was information Lorcan assured he'd consider.   Lorcan left to train some more, leaving Gregory alone again. By himself, he took out parchment and immediately began to write a letter to his uncle and the head of House Boulderdash, Hector.  

Academy Insurgency

Eight days later, Nox Victorum traveled as a group to pay Darius a visit and retrieve their new missions for the month. But a legionnaire named Bracus stopped them just outside his doors, reporting Darius and Raven were currently having a word. Their missions had already been posted in the war room.   Satisfied, they turned to leave just as two surprised outbursts came from inside the office. Immediately, the doors opened as Darius stalked out. Raven was visible for only a second before she vanished in a veil of smoke.   Seeing the Incursors, Darius immediately briefed them on the current situation. Insurgents had just been confirmed in the Concord Military Academy and had infiltrated as far as the dungeons below the academy. It had been closed off and as many students had been evacuated as was able. Darius instructed they were being placed under command of Raven Concord until the insurgency was stopped.   He left without another word, and everyone hurried to the academy. Two stacks of smoke rose just over the walls inside the academy. They passed by through the legionnaires guarding the main gate, cautiously moving to the open courtyard where Raven was currently talking with a legionnaire named Ret.   Raven was relieved as the Incursors approached, informing them the insurgents were already inside their catacombs, giving a very serious glare to Wren. She didn't know who the insurgents were or what they wanted, but she was ready to-   Raven was cut off as a crossbow bolt was fired from a distant window, striking legionnaire Ret in the throat killing him on impact. Just then, eight cloaked figures jumped through various other windows, landing behind the eight-foot tall hedges in the courtyard. One of the foes exclaimed, "The boss was right boys! They would show."   From there, combat started in the academy courtyard as the assailants used the hedges to keep out of sight and make lethal attacks against the party. Wren suffered serious damage, which infuriated Raven, leading her to drain the lifeforce from one enemy nearly thirty feet away just by looking at them.   Seven was able to find the last enemy hiding in the hedges, and cut him down right there.   The courtyard had been cleared, but it seemed obvious there was still more. And they were dangerously close to Wren's family secret.
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Oh, so that's a moose.
~ Lorcan Laoch ~

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In-Game Start Date

Pelneth 27th, 1,565 AC
Report Date
19 Nov 2021

Gregory Boulderdash

Human Wizard
The man following in the footsteps of his fathers and mothers before him, Gregory is ever the patriot of Tenelea who hopes to make his house and his land proud. He possesses great spellcasting potential with aid from a mysterious spell tome he carries everywhere he goes. But, he wonders if a day will come when he finds out what makes this tome a mystery.   This session, he trailed Wren Concord deep into the catacombs beneath her family academy, and stumbled upon the very room containing her family secret, the Reliquary. He gained an eye witness account on her family's patron, the Saint of Concord.

Wren Concord

Elf Warlock
A daughter of House Concord, Wren is a woman who shows more skill with a blade than bystanders initially think she has. She has an ambition to serve those she trusts to her full ability, and climb the ranks as high as she can while she does it. All the while, a dark secret has lent itself as a patron to the family for as long as even Wren's grandparents can remember.

Cassandros Veridan

Elf Druid
Originally from Vaze Harbor back before it fell to Tenelean control, Cassandros knew where his loyalties lied the day he saw fate written in the stars. He supported Vaze Harbor in its future defection from Endolin, and joined the Imperial Corps as a divine medic. He seeks to help foster Tenelea's victory over Westerin, but do anything he can to make that victory less bloody for everyone.

Tarsus Everbright

Aasimar Sorcerer
It is not every day someone can say an angel walks among them. Tarsus Everbright is one of those beings, born from the Dawn Father's collection of angels, the Sol Primicive. However, he left the angels after disagreeing with the Dawn Father's divine philosophy. On his own, he grew envious of the simplicity of mortal lives on Kustaanos, and descended to dwell with them. He just so happened to drop in an empire that was eager to acquire his services.

Lorcan Laoch

Human Fighter
At first, nothing seems extraordinary about this farm boy from Rivertown. But, he is prepared to give his life on the battlefield in honor of his father before him, Brian Laoch in hopes he can grow to become a true and shining visage of what a knight should be. Wielding his father's old sword and shield, he is a knight errant and a squire to Gregory Boulderdash.

Seven of Third

Human Hunter
Seven might still be human if any part of that word is left in him. For all he remembers, he grew up as an experiment around other patients he could only call his siblings in a series known as Project Blood Wrought. He's faced many arcane injections that has physically altered his body, and surpassed many challenges that has chiseled his mind to become an ultimate weapon. And now, his father, Aldrich Asimov, has sent him off at the brink of war to prove himself with this one final test: win the war.   This session, Seven had an unconventional reunion with his older 'brother', One. He tried to reconnect after being separated for so long, but only learned that One was very bitter Seven had been chosen for the Incursors, and One had not.

Liberation of Forokia

On the first day of the holy month of Zanreer, the Cosmic Warrior, the Tenelean Empire was shocked when they heard the news the giant nation of Forokia had fallen to the Entente Powers. The empire's military had not anticipated Gohn's own griffons to fly over the rivers in organized formations ready for war. Because of that, the empire had left the mountainous capital undefended. When the griffon riders arrived, the roaming giants eagerly welcomed the conquerors.   Battle Date: Zanriscus 1st, 1,565 AC   Tenelean Casualties: 0 troops   Gohnic Casualties: 0 troops   Result: Decisive Gohnic victory

Engagement outside Tinda

The Far West Fleet continued to chase the Prolithian Argosy west as another battle began. This time, it was off the coasts of the Endolish village, Tinda. Volleys were exchanged on both sides as very few ships avoided any amount of damage. Though Tenelea exacted more damage to their enemy, they didn't walk away unscathed either.   Battle Date: Zanriscus 2nd, 1,565 AC   Tenelean Casualties: 730 troops   Endolish Casualties: 1,420 troops   Result: Tenelean victory

Locations Discovered

  • Mount Heart: The tallest mountain on Westerin, Mt. Heart is the location of the ancient, and once abandoned monastery that Ravennian exiles inhabited, eventually forming the seven monasteries that now exist there, each one devoted to one of seven gods known as the Seven Siblings.
  • Concord Military Academy: Located along the steep cliffs of Enendale that overlook the Coral Depths, the Concord Military Academy (CMA) is the military school run by the Concord family that is focused on training the next generation's officers and commanders.
  • In-Game End Date

    Zanriscus 8th, 1,565 AC

    Cover image: mounted Knight. by Raymond Minnaar


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