Session III - Northern Travels

General Summary

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One quest behind them, another was now just ahead. And they wasted no time in taking its first steps.
~ Igra, the Conceiver ~

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When Fish Fight Back

Joining together in the quiet lobby of the Drunken Rat the next morning, everyone made plans to acquire supplies and gear before searching for a way to sail out to Reaver Beach; after little discussion and advice from Shael, finding another ship for a price was much safer than trying to walk the Brutal Gardens of Axel island. And so, while Zakush left to search the spider docks, Strife and Shael paid a visit to Harlow's Cauldron, Orrin purchased more arrows for himself, and Methairealga looked to purchase some spell scrolls from Lylo's Scrolls.   Strife met the famous powder witch Jessie Harlow, whose cauldron shop was ripe with spell components, magic firearms, and fusion bullets. Buying only a couple things, he got caught in the middle of two intense glares, one from Jessie, the other from Shael. The two seemed to know each other, and it didn't seem good.   Meanwhile, Zakush contemplated buying a ship for the party, but couldn't find any they could afford. So instead, he inquired to several crews for potential passage up north. At one point, he met a fellow dragonborn like himself who had three massive scars across an eye where an eye patch was, and a large feathery hat. The man introduced himself as Gordon Snitch, captain of the Flying Wave.   Almost relieved to see a familiar face as himself, the captain was more than willing to bring aboard Zakush and his companions. As it turned out, Gordon's crew had docked due to the necessity to find more deckhands for a heading to Axel's east peninsula at the Gat Docks. As long as Zakush's friends were willing to work his beautiful ship, captain Gordon was eagerly persuaded to take up the party free of charge. Zakush made off to find and bring everyone to the docks thereafter, for Gordon wished to set sail as soon as possible.   Over the course of an hour, everyone acquired what they needed and were guided by Zakush to the Flying Wave. Making their introductions, Gordon was impressed by Strife's experience as a ship doctor, by Methairealga's instinct as a cook, by Orrin and Zakush's practice aboard a ship, and with Shael's intricate rifle. As the ship left Darkwater, Gordon informed it would be a two-day travel up north to Scally Bay. From there, another three days on sea would await for everyone reached Reaver Beach. Using some of his own alchemical magic, Strife showed what weather they would be sure to face in the coming day. And as fate would have it, another storm awaited.   As morning came and light rainfall hit, everyone was up on deck as the storm continued to grow in strength. Because the party were both expecting this storm and had just fought through another one a couple days prior, the Flying Wave was much better prepared. As a result, it sustained minimal damage and there was no delay to their original heading by the time the storm passed.   The following day, morale was high as the skies cleared up, but suspicion grew as the crew could feel the bottom of the hull grind against something several times. When the party looked over the side, deadly sharp fins of stone tough skin glided above the water around the ship. Beneath them, everyone could just barely make out an even larger shadow. The fins sank below the waves, and for a moment, everyone thought whatever it was had left. But suddenly, a massive hulking shark burst from the water, soaring up the air onto the deck of the ship! Its jaws of many teeth snapped wildly. The basilisk shark looked for anything to devour.   The entire ship rose to battle stations in a heartbeat. Swords readied, arrows knocked, and spells prepared, everyone attacked in an effort to slay this basilisk shark, but it lurched out, snatching Methairealga between its teeth before jumping back into the water. Not a few seconds later, a second shark appeared from the other side of the ship. With momentum, it jumped up along the hull, catching Strife in its terrifying mouth. He was ripped from the deck as the two sank beneath the waves.   Despite the initial terror, Methairealga's captor was swiftly killed before it could swim away with its meal. Strife was nearly much more unlucky. The second shark had gotten a greater distance away before Strife cut into the beast, finally making it be still. Methairealga, Strife, and Zakush, who had leapt in after Strife, joined back on the ship as the three took time to rest and mend their wounds. A sharp eye was kept out for more of these monsters, but all was clear as the ship docked into Scally Bay.   Only a soft night was spent in Scally Bay, and with very quick progression, everyone was out and on their way Reaver Beach. After an unexpected run in with the pirates of the ocean floor, sahuagin, the Flying Wave still sails, two days out from the party's destination.
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Truth be told, me and my crew've been searching for some deckhands. If you and your friends are willin' to put in the work, we're happy to sail you to Reaver Beach, Zachary.
~ Gordon "Black Eye" Snitch ~

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In-Game Start Date

Igiscus 9th, 1560 AC
Report Date
20 Feb 2021

The Flying Wave

This two deck ship is a well-armed collective trading vessel captained by Gordon "Black Eye" Snitch and his crew. Based on their cargo, they transport general food supplies from one consumer to the other, and hold to a very uncommon tradition to enjoy tea more than rum.  
  • Captain: Gordon "Black Eye" Snitch
  • First Mate: Egerton "Salty" Clemons
  • Quartermaster: Sutton "Cabin Man" Tattersall
  • Bosun: Emma "Goddess" Hanzel
  • Carpenter: Rudgard "Arrow Knee" Otto
  • Gunner: Luna "Defiant Mouth" Heinrik
  • Deck Hands: Marietta "Blunderbuss" Wheels, Bob "Deserter" Lang, Garson "Sour" Stamper, Parr "Iron Chest" Whulsup
  • Basilisk Shark
    Primordial Shark by SandroRybak

    Basilisk Sharks

    On the coasts of Ravenna, great white sharks might be the talk of the ship, or even whitescale crocodiles if one is up north near the capital. But in the collective, there is a sea-born predator that is said to be deadlier than any other shark.   Its inner bones grows out of the skin as it matures, forming around itself to create layers of a protective shell. In addition, this rock hard armor only adds on to the intense force and violence one of these beasts can unleash. Extremely carnivorous and very aggressive, most sea hunters attribute trying to respond calmly with such an encounter as attempting to reason with a crazed psychopath.   These are basilisk sharks.

    Locations Discovered

  • Harlow's Cauldron: Powder witches are famous practitioners for infusing bullets with elemental magic, and Jessie Harlow is, by far, the most recognized and richest of the bunch. Harlow's Cauldron is where she can be found in Darkwater, providing services anytime someone needs.
  • Lylo's Scrolls: A small magic shack in Darkwater, exclusively for the service to sell arcane spell scrolls. Run by the halfling man Lylo, his stock includes all scrolls he has had time to enchant and make available, though he can take out requests for scrolls yet to be created.
  • The Flying Wave: A collective trade vessel captained by the black dragonborn Gordon "Black Eye" Snitch.
  • In-Game End Date

    Igiscus 14th, 1560 AC

    Cover image: sails and steam by Miguel coimbra


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