Frourio, the Village of Ports

If I fished only to catch fish, my fishing treks would have ended long ago.
~ Heraclitus, Saint of Lapopolis ~


What Could Have Been

Despite its tremendous location at the mouth of the western gap between the Avyssos and the Olympic Sea, Frourio is but a small coastal village. It is most known for its numerous small shrines dedicated to both Zeus and Poseidon, its small military sea walls, and its commercial trade through their ports, guided by the famed Lighthouse of Hermes.   In 242, a legendary hero named Saint Alexander came down from Mount Olympus by the will of Zeus, the Storm King after the city-states across Pateras had become too divided. Conquering one city after the other, the land was slowly brought back together as the defeated survivors rallied behind Alexander, crying out he was their saint, and Zeus was their king.   When Alexander's conquests came to an end, and after he departed back up to Mount Olympus, the newly formed Republic of Pateras now lived in a much more peaceable environment, one that held the capability to cooperate and expand.   This was the beginning of Frourio.  

Founding of Frourio

The Pateran mainland under control, decades went by as the former city states expanded to new lands. And under the guidance of the wise man Frourius, his discovery of what became the Pateran Cape set the stage for the future settlement. The coast here was clean, its resources plenty. Frourius had high hopes, and everything was set for this new place to become a magnificent city, in control of any trade that came through these waves.   But it never did.  
Zeus by Nat Vitchayed
Despite its potential, the appeal of other regions across Pateras was just too great for future colonies to justify a place such as this. Frourious' dream died along with him while the small village remained as such over the coming century.   Piracy loomed in those coasts on a common basis. Its location put it in the outermost fringes of Pateras. Aside from shrines which were erected in the name of various Olympians, and the Lighthouse of Hermes which in itself was a fairly impressive and crowning achievement, there were just too many faults to take into account, and the republic kept its focuses elsewhere.   The dream of a powerful trade city was lost, and one terrible event became the sole reason why this would continue on for futures to come.  

Clash of the Titans

Hades, the Underlord, an evil god. Among the Olympians who drew from the Kleistan Allotments, Hades was one of the seven longest, but his was the shortest. As such, he was left with the only lands left which no one chose, a barren wasteland.   So jealous and full of contempt did he become, that one day, when the moon and sun aligned perfectly, he tore the veil of the elemental planes and unleashed the elemental Titans to desecrate the continent and destroy Mount Olympus.  
Hephaestus, the Forgemaster
Azer by Svetoslav Petrov
Frourio was the first settlement in the Titans' path.   The structures burnt by Prometheus, the Fire Titan was wide spread. The land fractured by Earthine, the Earth Titan was deep and irreparable. The skies torn by Turbulus, the Air Titan brought darkness over the village. And the seas ruptured by Aquarii, the Water Titan flooded almost all of Frourio and its people.   Had it not been for the divine intervention of the gods, particularly Hephaestus, the Forgemaster, Kleista, let alone Frourio would have been washed away in chaos.   The titans were miraculously cast away, sealed deep below the Avyssos where only the lightning bolt of Zeus could unshackle it.   Frourio was saved, however the tragedy left the lands with a bitter taste in their mouth. Very few ever chose to live there then onward, in fear cosmic beings like the titans would descend upon them again.   The village has forever lived as a shadow of itself, a simple fishing town that is a fraction of what it could have been.

Centuries later, you can still see the burn marks of Prometheus. The fractured ground of Earthine. The unstable winds of Turbulus. The flashfloods of Aquarii. All scars this village must forever endure. But at least the fish is good.
~ Amajan, the Charismatic~

Owning Organization

Play of the Titans

Seteth 30th, 931 AC
"Oh, how the mighty have fallen!" Cried out Hades. Or at least, the old man who was playing his part. "Gaze upon decimation, you Mount Olympus! Today you witness your end!"   Yenexander sat upon the chipped stone seats looking over the Stage of Prota where the Play of the Titans was taking place. He still couldn't believe he let his younger brother, who was right next to him, convince him to watch something like this.   From the stage, a trio of people pulled taut on some ropes which elevated two wooden cutouts, one painted like a village and the other like rolling waves. In that same moment, four actors emerged, each dressed in a different colored toga to resemble, fire, earth, air, and water.   "The titans of Brinomir! The children of Chronus will bring this land to ruin!" Hades threatened while Yenexander mouthed every single syllable to the letter, a testament to how many times he'd seen this story put on.   "This is so cool!" Gasinius, his brother exclaimed next to him.   With a bored expression, Yenexander mocked flicking his finger out like a hoplite general, pointing at the exact moment Hades did. The four titans stomped over-enthusiastically through the water cutout and toward the one designed to resemble Frourio.   The crew holding the ropes began to scream over-dramatically like insects about to be crushed underneath a foot.   "Did this really happen to our home?" Gasinius asked, more than enthralled now by the performance. Yenexander just couldn't understand it.   "Well, that's what everyone always says." Yenexander shrugged, more than ready for this to be over so he could move on. Because in truth, he thought a lot of this was made up.   The most powerful entities in Brinomir and this speck of a village is the first place they choose to attack? Please.   Even the myth surrounding Athena's birth sounded more plausible to him than this.   Suddenly the narrator on stage stepped forward, and at the exact same time the other actors froze in place. Yenexander's eyebrow rose. "This is new."   "Citizens of Frourio, the titans, commanded by the terrible Underlord, Hades is upon our beautiful home!" The narrator shouted. Yenexander grew as confused as Gasinius grew excited. Did this usually happen in the Play of Titans?   The narrator continued. "Only in our Olympians could we hope to place our trust for our rescue! And those Olympians must be thirteen of you today!" More crew emerged on stage, in their arms an array of wooden weapons, from spears to xiphoi, to shields and bows. "Who among you all are brave enough to play the part of one of our gracious gods?"   This never happened before. Were they going off script? Yenexander felt Gasinius eagerly tugging on the belt of his robe. "Brother, come fight with me! I will be Zeus and you can be Ares!" Yenexander barely registered that he was becoming just as interested. This was new, and Yenexander liked that.   Yenexander, the Lord of War did have a nice ring to it. Yenexander hesitated for a moment.   "Oh, what the hay?" Yenexander conceded, standing up tall just as others did so too. "Zeus and Ares are here to answer the call!" Yenexander roared, stepping onto the stage with his brother in hand.

Diplomacy (2)

Despite the ill reputation of Frourio, it still carries enough of itself as a settlement to warrant proper trade and outreach to distant lands. Of course, most of the time this only equates to trade adventures to other coastal cities such as Nera or those found in the Olympic Sea, for the express purpose of fish.  

Military (2)

Frourio is a village known for its fishermen, not hoplites. But as an endowed settlement within the Republic of Pateras, a small hoplite force is required to be stationed here, one that equals a considerable ratio to the total populace. The only problem is, the populace is very small. As such, not even a hundred hoplites inhabit the place.  

Commerce (3)

Despite its small size and meager development, Frourio's intake and outtake of currency and other goods is better than most assume. Its position along the Pateran Cape makes it essential for those entering and leaving the Olympic Sea, and its quality and variety of fish and other sea resources like pearls are by no means worthless, especially the exotic Titan Fish and the famed Lighthouse of Hermes.  

Government (3)

As a settlement of Pateras, Frourio possesses a seat upon the republic council of Pateras, held by the half-elf noble, Apostus. The village itself however is governed by a lord, who is an advisor to the one in the republic council. The current lord of Frourio is the wise sorcerer, Corinna.  

Religion (5)

What the village lacks in infrastructure, size, and strength it makes up for in its religious practices. There is no corner of this rural village that can be traveled without seeing a shrine to one of the Olympians.   Shrines of Poseidon and Hephaestus dot the coast of Frourio, a place of prayer to Poseidon for bountiful fish and thanks to Hephaestus for his heroic legend in saving the village. And more inland a temple to Zeus stands upon a small hilltop where the village gathers once a week to bring their own offerings to be burnt to him.  

Magic (2)

Divine magic can be found all over Kleista, including Pateras. However, Frourio is generally not one of those places. Unlike Univer City, which is a place swimming with Weavers, the only use of magic the villagers ever witness are those performed by their lord, Corinna, or the minor miracles that appear briefly in shrines.

Culture (4)

Just as shrines and temples line Frourio frequently, fountains, statues and other cultural icons can also be found and enjoyed here.   A fountain dedicated to Poseidon is here. Every month, villagers and foreigners come by here to toss a drachma in for the Ocean Keeper's continued protection of their sailors. An amphitheater known as the Stage of Prota lies in the center of town. Theatrics are put on here all year round, but each year the famed Play of the Titans is put on, in which the story of the Titans and Frourio's rescue from destruction is reenacted.  

Science (1)

Just as magic is rarely wieldable in Frourio, the development of science is extremely scarce, and a scientific mind has never risen from this place. Generally, villagers trust the judgement of the rest of the land, especially travelers and merchants who pass through Frourio frequently.

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