Eadro, the Seaworthy

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The sea is a dangerous realm. Its waves are in constant war with itself, breaking over one after the other. But I am the water's surface, that which seals the waves and commands the direction of its flow. Seek my protection so that you may never know its harm, never be swept down into the crushing darkness that lurks below.
~ Eadro, the Seaworthy ~

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Deep Darkness

The sea. Many marvel at its immense size, at its ability to cover an entire horizon. Many gaze upon its sparkly pearls, its vibrant life, though only grasp the surface of the terror it really is. Many view it as a paradise when it is like a double-edged sword. Its waves may be still in one passing moment, but it is an unforgiving, blood-hungry beast in the next.   Too many fail to realize this before they too are swept down into its depths, and despite what many might claim today of its innocence, it was much worse far in the beginning. For it was the offspring of darkness, made to be untamable, chaotic, and dangerous. This is the bitter truth.   Far before even the birth of Kustaanos, darkness reigned in the universe. It spread far and wide, multiplying upon itself. So much were they like waves that it coalesced into something more physical. These waves of darkness became waves of water, washing over itself again and again. Soon, so much of it had grown that one god looked upon it in infatuation. This being's name was Loch, who yearned to excel in full mastery over such chaos.   But another being saw what was transpiring and feared the entire universe would soon be consumed and swallowed. This god, Eadro, sought to confront Loch and subdue this growing flood. The two were at tense odds with each other, and both harnessed their powers over the sea. They collided against each other like tsunamis, crashing again and again, until the very elemental plane of water formed out of their strikes.   However, it was Loch who was first overpowered. His chaotic waves were restrained by the controlled currents of Eadro's, and at once Loch was branded and banished from the plane of water where he would forever remain disconnected from it.   But all was not to last, for soon Kustaanos had come into existence, and with it another source of sea which Loch sook to control. Seeing a world of mortals now at the brink of destruction by this evil being, Eadro pursued. The two at once did battle yet again deep within the ocean floors.   Eadro yearned to take caution, for his powers needed to remain controlled for the protection of mortal life, but Loch's did not. Harnessing his power greatly, he subdued the tidal waves that built from their fight. With his remaining strength, he once again defeated Loch, who in turn was sealed deep below the ocean floor.   Yet such seals would not last if left unmaintained. It would need a guardian to protect it, to ensure they were never broken. For Eadro was certain he would not last in another fight against the evil being.   And so, to this day, it is said that Eadro resides within the waves of Kustaanos. Ever watching over the seals in the ocean floor, and ever protecting the mortals that know nothing of the sea's true nature.
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These waters are not for the silly of heart. Ye' might look to the dark as a mystery worth discoverin', but that be the siren's call of the depths. Ye' better pay yer' tithe to the Seaworthy, lest those waves be yer' last.
~ Nadeen "Cutthroat" Omen ~

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Creed of the Coin

Eadro is worshipped as a god of protection on Kustaanos. Those who find favor with him are shown safety and truthful guidance.   His greatest well of followers span the eastern coasts of Ravenna, but most of all the islands of the Silver Piece Collective. It is here where living on a ship is more common than on land. People of all kind prowl and traverse these seas for many purposes, but all who are sane respect the Creed of the Coin, in which a gold coin is tossed to the waves per person.   Disembarking across the sea is viewed as barging into the home of Eadro. A sort of respect needs to be paid, less one may suffer his wrath. To ignore the creed is to show disrespect and is not only defiant to the Seaworthy himself, but to the very mortals who devote themselves to the creed.   Many who refuse this sort of ideal are outcasts in the SPC, labeled as criminals. People like this are immediately assumed to be a worshiper of the Leviathan in stark contrast.
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He provides us protection from the waves that hit our beaches. With all he continues to eternally do for us, it is but the barest of our thanks that we pay his sea for his kindness.
~ Raysha Prime ~

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Divine Domains

Eadro's valiant traits finds its way into many people's hearts. These people see him as an eternal protector, one who doesn't vanquish the darkness, but chooses to stand up against it for as long as mortals live, so they don't have to. If you follow his waves, you have unwavering courage and certainty that though minor issues may find you, the Seaworthy keeps at bay something much worse. A fascination with the sea is often applied to this. As such, he is connected to the following domains:   Sea, tempest, and life.   The sea domain depicts more than water. It represents mystery, vastness, and depth. It is the urge one feels to solve a puzzle, to comprehend something that, before, was incomprehensible. It also relates to the trap of curiosity, of caution against diving far too deep into something.   The tempest domain represents more than wrath, it is a storm. It is power used for justice, not vengeance, and is also a domain that can affix such powers to those most faithful. It is also associated with those who seek to study the elements.   The life domain represents the living soul. It is the breath in and out of one's lungs. Along with that, it depicts liveliness. The will to be as productive as one can be, while being equally as considerate to other living beings. It is everything death is not. Stagnant, empty, lazy.
Ye' metalbodies call it his tax. I call it ar' duty.
~ Captain Soul

Divine Form

Unlike the multitude of other gods who retain a solid form, Eadro's is depicted as a liquid that has a humanoid shape. His entire body is made of bluish transparent water that flows around itself constantly, Hhs hair a watery mist that extends from it all.   He has two pairs of arms, each of which are said to be for the four seals that today keep the Leviathan buried. A manacle is wrapped around each wrist. As long as one remains intact, that specific seal has not been broken. His cloaks are described as rich combinations of sea kelp soaked in divinity with the rich sea shells and coral of the sea floor.   And he carries with him a chain of pure water, stretching from his hand clear past the sea's horizon, known as the Tidal Whip. Those who face his wrath are told to find themselves bound in such chains, pulled down to the deepest pockets of the ocean where they are never seen again.
If you ever thought water can't feel solid, think again.
~ Navarch Xavier Lido
Pelor, the Dawn Father
Character | Dec 27, 2020

Many look to him for salvation, he looks to them for their safety

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