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The Higeki War

The Day that Shook Mirai

The Akodo of Igoku, an agreement between Mirai and Gunji Teki to avoid hostilities proved pointless the day the Tekian armies pushed into the deserts of Mirai. The invasion came from the Yuki River, beginning in the desert village, Shi, located at the mouth of the Yuki.   Over the course of the year-long war, two major battles took place, the battle of Shi, and the battle of Fukushu. Shi was the beginning of the Tekian plan to split Mirai in half, before swarming the capital, Fukushu, to the east. The west would be completely ignored, because the Tekians knew once the capital fell, Mirai would surrender.   On the day Shi was invaded, it was a slaughter. Civilians were panicked and massacred, and guards were unprepared and unskilled enough to beat back the armies. After the capital was captured months later, Mirai became a puppet-state, its people hated and forced to oblige what Gunji Teki desires.


Kaori, the Yare Oni
Cat basket by GUWEIZ


The Unbalance of Power

Two factors played its part in the Tekian's decisive victory in the year-long war. The element of surprise, and the amount of military might they had. By the time the battle of Shi concluded, word had just begun to reach the capital of the invasion.   In addition, if Mirai wasn't known for one thing, it was their military technology. Their main focuses to this point had remained on their survival and religious practices. The only elite unit they could hire were the Tsuyois, paladins who claim to have been given their power by a hidden temple deep in the west.   Suffice it to say, Mirai was simply unprepared; the western trade port of Shosen even attempted to muster troops, but moving east across the Akuma Muda is still dangerous and time-consuming. The war had already been lost by the time they reached Shi.

Your Turn

Last Stand

When Aki stepped out onto the main palace balcony overlooking the entire capital, the slash wound in his gut was already too much to bare. Clasping it with one hand and steadying his blade in the other, he gazed out at Fukushu.   Flames boiled across the buildings as it all slowly turned to smoke... he could still hear distant screams of his people.   "Father! We must flee! The barricades won't hold them for long!" Aki's adopted daughter sounded as serious as ever, something he always loved about her.   He glanced down over the balcony, easily a one-hundred foot drop into the sea below.   The wind thrust his matted hair about, and he looked into his daughter Unmei's eyes. Their hazel brown color was surrounded by spots of blood across her face. Her chest heaved from exhaustion he could tell. She was at her limit.   And there was nowhere to turn.   He rushed up to her, quickly untying the red ribbon that held the rest of his hair the least bit together.   "What are you doing?" Unmei's voice was frantic now as rain started to drizzle. Aki couldn't tell if it that was why water dripped down her face or if it were her genuine tears. Or both.   The two stared at each other as they both heard a loud crack inside followed by several hostile shouts. Then Aki's expression softened.   "Ensuring our survival." Aki's voice was calm, he knew what must be done, and he pushed Unmei behind him as he moved towards the door.


In an instant, he was surrounded by menacing figures adorned in black armor, almost transparent against the darkened sky. One of them he recognized from earlier as the one who had dealt him this wound in his side.   He felt the stinging tip of their swords as they pressed against his throat.   Thump. A loud footstep followed by another. A towering figure emerged, covered in fur with a face and teeth like that of a demon's. He wielded a massive staff with blades on each end.   He took one glance at Aki, then back at Unmei, then back at him.   "Slaughter the two-"   "Wait!" Aki's shout was sudden as the swords began to pierce his skin. He could feel the warmth of his blood on his neck.   "On behalf of Mirai, we surrender."   "Surrender is not the price we search for." The figure stepped forward.   "I know the price you seek, and I only ask one thing. Please," Aki knelt before the figure, "allow my daughter to live, and take my place."   "No! Father-"   "Quiet!" The figure shouted. And then smirked. A moment passed before he said. "Very well."   All Aki felt for that instant was the brief gust of wind surrounding his neck. Relief encompassed him immediately as his vision went dark.   For a second, he swore he could hear the distant screams again, with a voice he fully recognized.   Your turn, my daughter.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1543 AC
Ending Date
1544 AC
Conflict Result
Gunji Teki is victorious

The Ghost of Shi

Though Mirai was routed in Shi, stories still circulate Tekian soldiers today of a spirit which haunted and slaughtered their troops up to the battle of Fukushu. Soldiers who weren't there refuse to believe it's true, but it very much was.   A well known Tsuyoi, Kaori, despite her powers, wished to live a balanced life on her small farm plot next to the Yuki. When it was burned and destroyed by the Tekians, rage filled Kaori as she hid back in the shadows, traveling across the desert. She slaughtered any who strayed away from the pack, but by the time the armies overtook Fukushu, she fled east to Heiwa. There, she hopes to enlist future aid for Mirai.
Mirai is not a place that can be conquered, it is a culture that will always be ours!
~ Rida Aki, in his final moments of battle at the Fukushu Palace
  Tekian Advantage

Shadow Yuus

Clad in night black armor, Shadow Yuus are the elite personnel of the Tekian army, utilizing a dual-role of both scout and assassin. Unlike scouts who are strictly advised to follow orders, Shadow Yuus have proven able to lead themselves among a specific operation, often assassination.   As such, whenever they undertake these missions, they are able to change their objectives and methods at their own discretion.



  • The Tsuyoi Paladins under service to protect the land
      • The element of surprise
      • The Chaos Elephants
      • Steep number advantage
  • Shadow Yuus
  • Casualties

      • Half of Mirai's entire military and a quarter of the civilians were killed in the invasion
  • Rida Aki was beheaded
  • For every twelve Mirains killed, a Gunji Teki soldier fell
  • Objectives

  • Repel Gunji Teki
  • Convert Mirai to a puppet state, securing the coast

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    Cover image: A Hard Victory by DiegoGisbertLlorens


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    Really like that updated map, and the formatting of this page is excellent. I need to steal it for any wars I plan on writing pages on.

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    Thanks! If you notice, I also have updated maps for both Westerin, Gunji Teki, Shashan, and Heiwa. Simply click on their categories!

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    Tristan, excellent as always. The map is sweet, the story at the end is really tight. At the end of the story, I've got one word quibble: "relief encompassed himself" I would change to "relief encompassed him".   I'm a little confused by the timeline. You say that two major battles took place Shi and Fukushu. But both the "Day that Shook Mirai" and the "Unbalance of Power" sections make it seem like the war was over once the battle of Shi took place. Other cities tried to help "but the battle of Shi was over before they even heard the news." If that's the case, why does the battle of Fukushu even matter? Is it just because that's where Rida Aki was beheaded? Or is there something more that happened during the year-long war?   Thanks for posting this, it is a good read, and I really like the story at the end!

    15 Jul, 2019 05:11

    Fukushu is the capital of Mirai and the fastest mode of travel into Mirai is by the Yuki River, which Shi sits at the end of. By securing Shi, they secure their transportation and cut Mirai in half. Mirai found out near the tail-end of the battle of Shi simply because of how caught off guard they were.   The war was still going on, because the Tekians weren't stopping until they captured Fukushu, which was a big symbol to Mirains.   Thanks for the comment, and I updated the above sentence in the story, thanks!

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    Oh! I see the sentence that is making you think this way, I've updated the article and moved it around (realized the last sentence of he first section DID make it sound like the war was already over).

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    Thanks for the kind words Invictia! Being a cartographer, I also thought it necessary linking the map of the region for an event that encompasses so much of the country.   Yes, Unmei is placed as the new Rida over Mirai. I have an article on her, and will probably link it here later today.   As for the prose, I've changed it to price since by the way you talk about it, price is a much more fitting word.