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1549 AC

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Time is an eternal change. As worlds fall to ruin and fade away, so too do new ones appear out of their shadows. In this universe, countless deities vie for control over its entirety, wishing to attain the most of the worlds' magical essences, numen. Numen is what fuels these deities' powers and allows them to alter so much of material and immaterial properties that most mortals are unable to do by nature alone.   Kustaanos is one such a world among many. Birthed and created in the largest numen belts ever seen, deities and celestial beings from all corners of space raced for this fresh planet, eager to lay their grasp on the immense amount of numen it contained.   Though the goddess Kireen had made it here well before others, establishing its own life and making her own claim to it, others followed soon after in her footsteps. The Cosmic Wars between the deities and the mortals which followed them broke out, devastating the world and separating the lands itself. Even though the wars would end, conflict and tension would still remain in the new world that had been created out of destruction.   Though countless numbers of deities exist today on Kustaanos (meaning "treasure" in the celestial tongue), many of its mortals have torn themselves from these greater beings seeking their own enjoyments. Kustaanos exists in a time of strife between mortal and god alike, where gods struggle to manage their keepsakes among the world, and mortals attempt to elevate themselves to their own godhood.

Table of Contents


  • Map of The Tenelean Empire
  • Map of Gohn
  • Map of Silver Piece Collective
  • Map of Ravenna
  • Map of Northern Endolin
  • Map of Western Endolin