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The cosmos are often held as a source of inspiration and spiritual intrigue. Starfields are known for their enchanting beauty, but when you take the inky expanse of the night's sky and apply the effect to the human eye it becomes a disconcerting feature. It is an condition that Diviners have become well known for bearing.   The trademark of this affliction is a black sclera dotted with white pin points, leaving no anatomy of a normal eye visible. How many twilight scales a diviner has used to help in their readings can influence how heavily their eyes are affected. Lesser known fortune tellers may only have a single, star-filled eye while the more famous ones have lost both to spiraling nebulas.

Transmission & Vectors

This condition is never contagious and acquiring it is purely by choice of the user. It is transmitted by drinking a tea made of an otherworldly material. It is most often consumed by those with powers of divination in order to aid in their art, but curious minds without such abilities have tried the tea to disastrous results.


Becoming star-eyed is a gradual process caused by grinding down the scales of certain other-world beasts and consuming them in tea. Since the physical signs of this affliction resemble a star field, these scales have become known as twilight scales.   The more scales that are consumed, the greater the effects on the person.


The spreading of the cosmos through one's eye is a slow process but it is not the most well known effect. Consumption of twilight scales does leave a physical mark but is also enhances a fortune tellers ability to see past the veil. Diviners are known to have deep, vivid visions of things to come, their predictions boasting an astounding veracity that makes use of the drug all too appealing. Not only because it leads to a better career for the fortune teller, but these visions are well known to induce a feeling of euphoria. Such sensations have lead to many becoming addicted to the usage of twilight scales.   Unfortunately usage of this drug is a double edge sword. While it does enhance ones ability to see into the future, repeated viewings into the grand designs of the universe can lead the user down the road of madness. Regardless of this risk however, those who have become heavily dependent on the drug continue to use it, seeing it as their duty provide better clarity for the path forward.


As of yet there has been no treatment discovered for this condition. Only one with a force of will strong enough to resist partaking of the tea can avoid further spread of the affliction.


Those with only slightly darkened sclera are known to live fairly normal lives, though will often have random moments of seeing things others can not.   Those with a single eye completely affected by this condition often report a lessening of their actual vision yet are constantly able to receive premonitions of things to come. Sometimes they describe this as the universe whispering in their ear.   Those who have lost both ares are reportedly blind, yet can still perceive and interact with the physical world with a strange and unnatural ability. These Diviner's are known to say that the universe holds no secrets from them and are most often sought after to be advisors to community and military leaders. However, it is this group of the afflicted who are the most likely to become star-struck, a condition that occurs when their mind permanently wandering past the veil of this world, leaving a babbling shell behind.

Chronic, Acquired

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