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Ojidai 564, 4th Breath

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A torn world for now at peace, where the 10 Guilds plot against one another, openly and secretly, and mythical beasts roam the plains in the Island of Ravnica!   An arms race free-for-all is hiding in plain sight, with unwitting adventurers acting as pawns on all sides, and the Spirit World of Agryem hanging in the balance!   Bestial nature and magical weapons adorn each side of the upcoming war, and an overwhelming force appears to be pulling all the strings! The Guilds are starting to divide by allegiances, and spell-crafted items are changing hands constantly...   Our party of adventurers, based in the Northern Harpers' Guild of Selesnya, are slowly unravelling the dark forces that lie beneath each side they meet...   With the sneaky Sisters of Stone Revival rising to power and making alliances in the shadows, will the Guildpact remain unbroken? Who is behind the rising tides of war, and will our adventurers be able to stop them before devastation is wrought upon the world?   Find out, in Kumigawa (組側): God Wars (神戦争) !


War On Ravnica

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

War is brewing under the Island of Ravnica..!

One-Shot Wonderland

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A campaign of one-offs on the Island of Ravnica!