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Kuma City

April 19th 2079

Created by

The year is 2074 and agriculture has been completely revolutionized. Large vertical farming buildings which were much more efficient than farms. These buildings were put in regions with a stable climate and required little to no workers to function and before long farming was not profitable enough to sustain a family anymore since any food grown in one of these megafarms was much cheaper than that grown by farmers. One of the countries hit hardest by this was Ghana.   In 2074, a Ghanaian businessman by the name of Ohini Kuma , knowing that people were looking for a new life, bought 600 square kilometers (230 square miles) of land and started the creation of a new city, called Kuma City, which would have free internet and be the dumping ground for the electronic waste of the USA and multiple European countries. Kuma built the city to allow people to go to the dumping grounds, find broken computers, repair them, and sell them to those who could make use of them.   But Kuma City was far from the utopia it was promised to be. Armed gangs roamed the electric dumping grounds to get the most valuable items. The people who wanted to collect electronics from these dumping grounds had to be armed at all times and hide whenever they saw one of these gangs. American corporations built factories on the outskirts of the city, and to keep them there, the Ghanaian government ordered the police force of the city to obey these corporations.     The vast majority of the population of Kuma City is poor and there is no middle class. Even though such a large amount of people are so very poor, there are still extremely rich people and Kimbanovo is often seen as the tech capital of Africa in 2074.       The cover art is by Gary Jamroz-Palma.

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