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A land with a gradient landscape, tundra in the north, and forests in the south, sandwiching the central plains. Dotted throughout the landscapes are 6 cities, with other minor towns scattered between them. From the capital, Excabridge City, juts a heavily mined mountain abundant with refractive ores. But the lulling light show which spills from Prismore Caverns may be a distraction from an infamous fairytale monster which resides within.   Emerging from the western forests, Whitescale Mountain houses the white dragon Tyleth. It is unwise to visit him, especially if your intent is to steal his vast treasures. However, it is rumoured his favour can be earned if he decides you can be more useful to him than just another snack.   Despite the monsters in the mountains, the region has other problems. The humans and orcs are on the tipping point of a racial war, but Chief Rom’im and King Christa barely quash the underlying hostility which emanates from historic traumas. Moreover, The Rayures Clan terrorises the major towns due to their divisive nature. It is also implied their leader has a problem with Tyleth?   Nevertheless, peace is maintained (for now) by the Mayor of Excabridge, and the clan is only a nuisance to him.