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Honey 'SilverEye' Jinx

In the centuries following the Fuga there were a few conflicts over controlled land, one of the most famous being what is known as the 'Early Ziamidian War.' While called a war, in truth it was the forcible eviction of those clans who would not "join" the clans that were associating to become the Ziamids. The reluctant clans were chased, at swordpoint, off their lands and forced to sail across the straits to the west to the island known as Barriholm.   The exiled clans made their home on the new island, many in the mountains along the eastern coast that acted as a natural barrier from any further incursions that the Ziamidians might entertain. One of the clans that settled into these mountains contained a young girl named Honey Jinx who's family had lost almost everything in their flight from their town of Bullmar and were forced to start over in this new land.   Over time, Honey grew up into a beautiful young woman with striking gray eyes with flecks that would glow in the right light. Her later moniker, 'Silver Eye' was clearly not an affectation but rather an apt description of her natural features. Honey continued to harbor a need for revenge on those who chased her family from their lands and when she became old enough she went to sea to learn the ways of sailors so that one day she might exact her revenge. Over time she gained an aptitude for all aspects of life at sea, including battle, and through that prowess she found herself as First-Mate on a ship that would find itself harrying Ziamidian ships periodically. After a few years of this she was able to earn a ship of her own, gifted to her by her captain, who had commandeered a fine vessel who was speeding through the straits with a rich cargo and too little protection.   Honey became Captain Jinx of the Bullmar's Ghost and devoted her time to raiding every Ziamidian ship that came across her path. She found safe harbor in the caves beneath the mountains of her new home where water flowed through natural caverns hidden from all but the most keen eye. For thirty years she and her crew raided, including several years where the Ziamidian's sent decoy ships loaded with weapons but no cargo. Regardless of cargo the ships were sunk, sometime the cargo was "appropriated", and Captain Jinx exacted her revenge time and time again. The appropriation of cargo is surely from where stories of a legendary lost treasure have sprung.   Jinx was considered a legendary hero in Barriholm and a legendary villain across the straits in Ziamid, but there was never any doubt that she was a legend. After her thirty years at the helm she decided to call it a career and considered her part done in the revenge against Ziamid for its treatment of her people. Bullmar's Ghost has not been seen since Silver Eye stopped her raiding and though some in Ziamid tried to spread the rumor that Jinx was defeated, it was never believed and to this day there are those that search for her ship in the caves of Barriholm, hoping to find a bit of legend and, perhaps, a legendary treasure.


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