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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

I, Maeve Sylvaine, vow to use all of the prompts provided to me to their fullest potential. I will listen to my body and mind, so that I may not push myself past my limits. Even if that means I must re-evaluate my goals.
As the dawn of the seventh month approaches, us world-builders must prepare ourselves for one of the most important events in the year. Summer Camp. One may wonder, why would a Summer Camp be important? Isn't that where you just... camp? In the summer? And to that I will say, you are absolutely right. In one sense. You see, I am not talking about your average Summer Camp. No, I am talking about the World Anvil Summer Camp. During the month of July, the overlords of World Anvil will bless us mortals with a vast amount of prompts for us to answer to aid us in our world-building. How kind of them.


Creative Goal


Challenge Goal

My creative goal is fairly simple. I wish to build the foundations of the world of Kroveris, and further develop those ideas. The ultimate end goal for me to is to be able to use this world as the setting for the novels I will be writing in the future.
For me, motivation is seldom something I know. However, for this Summer Camp, I do truly know what my motivation is. As I've stated in my creative goal, I want to be able to use Kroveris as the setting for my future novels. I want the world to be fantastical, intricate, and just plain awesome.
I will be aiming to obtain the Diamond badge. You know what they say, Diamond or die. However, if I don't reach my goal, that's completely okay. I won't actually die... right?




There are many areas on Kroveris that have been left uncharted for far too long. The major nations in the world are in a race of sorts to claim this territory for themselves, so they may become more powerful than they already are.
The major nations are ruled by their respective major families. Constantly involved in conflicts with one another, it's a wonder how the nations of Kroveris have yet to go to a full-on world war.



With uncharted territory, comes undiscovered creatures, fauna, and civilizations. Even in the world of Kroveris, there are new discoveries pertaining to the science of magic nearly every day.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. With the major families having been in power for so long, it's no wonder that a few members have gone a bit, shall we say, mad.

Visual Inspiration

A Parliament of Rooks

Perhaps this is a king, cursed by one of the gods to forever look this way? His lover seems to not care, in fact, she embraces it.
Griffin's Nest

The corpse of an ancient dragon has been made into a griffin's nest. What could have slain this ancient beast?
Dark Castle

The castle in which the crow king resides with his lover. He oversees a vast kingdom which seldom recieves visitors.


Home Work

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4


The Dark Beyond

Other Inspiration

“In the end it seems we're just toys, easy to break and hard to mend.”
— Mark Lawrence

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