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Home Region: Island of Tongiu, Capital city of Ganluan
Origin: Organized tribes and clans before 1000 BR
Presence: Nearly Extinct  


The Seikan culture is regarded as the first and premier culture to emerge on the central island subcontinent of Tongiu (not called as such at the time). They claim that all on Tongiu - the Makan and Kodrans -  are descended from them. In the 1000s BR they began as decentralized tribes, but slowly connected over the centuries. By 300 BR they loosely unified under a singular recognized authority after many centuries of losing key chiefs and leaders. However, each clan still operated with great independence.   The Seikan people are cited for their pride and cunning. This often leads to arrogance - which has proven to their downfall on a number of occasions. The Seikan union of clans dominated the island until about 100 AR before they were overtaken politically by the Kingdom of Mako. From that point on, the Seikans lived under what soon became The Great Empire of the West. The Mako at first suppressed against the Seikans with vengeance. Seikan culture was diminished greatly in influence - to the point where the only truly Seikan places were several select islands in Chukan Media Nostra. In time, the Makans changed to treat them as equals, and before long Seikans were found in official position of government. So much so was the Seikan influence in the late Makan government that a few Emperors were outright in claims to their Seikan ancestry.   During The Great Empire of the West's collapse, several of the western Seikan clans unified and broke away. By this time, around the 700s and 800s AR, the Seikan culture was still greatly diminished, and unlikely to see any great resurgence as it had in the past.  


Early Seikan traditions involved the reverence of exploration: from seafaring exploits to traversing the mountains. It is because of these habits that led to the belief that all people are descended from the Seikans. When the Steerians settled southern Tongiu and ousted local Seikan clans, the Seikan fervor for exploration slowly began to fade.   Late Seikan traditions largely revolve around their mythology. Seikans had no core religion, but invented a lot of legends about their ancestors and revered these things. To them, ancestors embodied the animals they saw everyday. Sacrifices were strictly against the law in most places.  

Fantasy Additions

The Seikans were the original founders of "dragon" cults, even though dragons as of yet exist only in mythology. Indeed, the closest thing to dragons are the Kobalds which the Seikans neighbor. Through numerous interactions with the kobald tribes and civilization, the Seikans believed themselves very knowledgeable of the world, not knowing that the kobalds were just as clueless about the world around them... just more imaginative.   It is common to see kobalds, and the occasional goblin, out and about in Seikan society. Of course, the expansion and conquest by the Makans introduced degrees of Xenophobia, and the kobalds largely retreated back to their mountain homes.

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