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Home Region: Aetian Peninsula, city of Aetia
Origin: Tribes dating before 1000 BR
Presence: Waning


  The Aetians are the native inhabitants of the Aetian peninsula and surrounding regions. They were known for seafaring expertise and island settling, as well as settling several colonies around the Inodan Sea. Their culture arose to worldwide prominence under the Seleutine Empire, a regional hegemon which was aggravated by the Poscaean Empire, and soon conquered the entire enemy empire with their new and sudden military prowess.   Shortly after the rise of the Seleutine Empire, all of the Aetian clans and tribes were more or less united, and so existed in such a state for some centuries. It would not be until 314 AR when the Morosian Empire formally conquered the Aetian peninsula, coinciding the downfall of the Seleutine Empire. With the shift in hegemons, the Aetians were forced to adapt. Like many cultures conquered by the Morosians, they were left alone to their own traditions as they saw fit, so long as they supported the Morosian military structure.   In time the Aetians even grew fond of their Morosian Overlords, and many regional rulers and several emperors were of Aetian descent. Eventually a new culture began to emerge - Maetian - out of a melting pot of Morosian, Aetian, and Poscaean cultures. When the Morosian Empire began to collapse and the Alexian Empire split off, the Maetian culture began to reign dominant, and thus the slow phasing out of the Aetians.  


The earliest days of Aetian tribes consisted of elaborate pottery and column carving for the few temples and building they created. As time went on and the culture adapted, the typical worshipping of gods persisted as the primary tradition. Rituals, festivals, and holy days were commonplace.

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