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Captain's Log of the Shewareian Expedition

In 1483 AR a martime expedition, under the command of Captain Renlamir Enhana, a fleet of 4 imperial galleons, departed from Drakeforge Military Harbour and after a short halt at the Delholm Isles for provisions and linking up with 2 more imperial galleons, set out on the Sherware Sea to find land to expand infulence of the Nefadric Empire to.


As is standard procedure of the Imperial Crown Navy, Captain Enhana kept a written log of any noteable incidents durring the expedition as well as detailed navigation records. Upon return to the Nefadric Mainland, this record would be evaluated and have any information extracted and properly processed. Given the nature of the expedition, it was expected that the log would at least yield information to update nefadric sea maps. Though procedures and measures were concieved to recover artifacts, valueables and exotic goods.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The original captain's log of the Shewarian Expedition is property of the Imperial Crown Navy and a military report, hence it's access is severely restricted and no efforts have been made to distribute copys of the original.   However in 1553 AR a travel guide based on information of the expedition aswell as subsequent expeditions and findings has been compiled to promote trade and growth of Nefadric Colonies.

Historical Details


The Shewareian Expedition led to the discovery of the Shell Archipelago and established contact with natives aswell as persisting relations which led them to be assimilated into the Nefadric Empire. The northern Islands of the Shell Archipelago have since been claimed as a colonial posession and developed into an flourishing martime hub and a pivotal trade node of the Transshewareian Trade.

Public Reaction

As the news of the discovery of the Shell Archipelago spread through the Nefadric Empire, the imperial people were intruiged by the mysterious islands in the far away parts of the Sherware Sea. Soon it turned to excitement, as the first batch of exotic goods returned, contact to tribes of intelligent giant turtles was made and fantastic tales spread.
Report, Military

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