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This hobby project game will have you, the player, build your own hero from the ground up to become the number 1 champion of this realm's battle arena.   This game is intended to be played on the PC as a fast-pace action combat ( FPC ), massively multi-player online ( MMO ) role playing game ( RPG ). It is inspired by games like 'Mabinogi', 'Runescape', 'World of Warcarft', 'Overwatch', 'Paladins', 'Team Fortess 2', 'Black Desert Online', 'Vindictus' and 'Isekai' Anime TV series. I am using Unreal Engine 4 in developing this game and all that I have written here may be prone to change depending on what assets are available to me and my game developing abilities. So far I have 16 chain quest/campaign in mind that will revolve around 8 player versus player ( PvP ) battles/maps/arenas scenarios.   RPG phase:   The goal for every player is to travel from town to town forming parties, bonds and long lasting friendships by doing one group chain quest/campaign at a time. During every chain quest/campaign, players will be crafting, preparing and arming their characters to participate and win an instanced PvP ( 3 vs 3 up to 20 vs 20 ) story driven scenario. After winning the PvP battle/map/arena the player will head back to the quest giver and receive a reward, ending that chain quest/campaign.   Rewards for completing a chain quest/campaign includes a merit/medal which indicates a player's level/rank/progress and in-game currency for items, gears and repairs. Having a certain amount of merits/medals will unlock more game content. And depending on a player's reputation/player kill count in a PvP session, he/she will be given random reward boxes containing crafting materials ( 80% chance ), account bound racial gloating emotes (10% chance ), account bound racial victory poses ( 5% Chance ), or low grade aether spheres that enhances a player ( 5% chance ).   As you progress through the narrative your character grows in skill and power. You will be attacking or defending an area/objective in one chain quest/campaigns then defending or attacking the same area/objective on another chain quest/campaigns. All of your effort will play a part in the over all story line. Hopefully, you will see a significance and context as to why you are attacking then defending the same area/objective over and over through the narrative.   End Game phase:   After finishing all 16 chain quests/campaigns and have unlocked all your class abilities, you will further seek to get the upper hand on your enemies by improving, enhancing and/or acquiring better gear. You will also try to fully master your profession to help your team as well as yourself. You will explore every corner of this realm to find lost dungeons that have hidden treasures which will help you slay anyone who dares appose you. But most importantly, you can now replay any PvP battles/maps/arenas to obtain more random reward boxes.   PvP battle/map/arena ranges from castle defense types, escort types and death match types. In castle defense battles, the attacking players must over come defending players, 2 to 5 mini bosses and a main boss in a dungeon/raid like scenario for a certain amount of time. In escort mission battles, players are to defend a wagon from opposing players as it travels to it's destination within a certain amount of time. In death match battles, players from both sides will need to hold the middle of the battle field while eliminating the opposite faction in a certain amount of time.   Time for each battle will vary form 5 min. to 30 hour or more depending on the type of PvP session. Players will be able to cue for a battle solo or in a group. Knowing that there will be times that over powered players might cue for a lower level battles, there will be 2 to 3 devices that will be provided for each sides to use for deal with these over powered players. Expect that these battles will always be lopsided, this is not a bug but a feature. In these situations players will be given the opportunity to use their skills, wits and cunning to become the heroic victors that beat the odds.   Background Story:   Mysterious disappearances are a common and known phenomenon. It has been recorded throughout history. Disappearances have happened in all sorts of ways, whether it be kidnapping and never found, committing suicide in a way that a body can’t be found, or even simply run away from life entirely never to be seen again. In our case, some of these who disappeared were just transported to the realm of Kressiorim. Kressiorim is a magical, fantasy realm with a variety of warring races such as elves, lizard-men, cat-people, etc. who all came from different realms. For centuries each race controlled large portions of land, dividing Unela a continent in Kerssiorim and up held a feudalistic lifestyle. It has been almost 3000 years since the arrival of the first generation of these races to this realm and most of the current generation have had their fill of blood shed. You as a new comer to this realm will be involved in political plots, impacting the lives of Kressiorim's current inhabitants and searching for a potential way to return to your own home realm.   Starting Your Adventure:   Out in a distance deep in the middle of a dense overgrown forest, a forgotten dusty ruin of an ingress softly glows. The ground beneath it starts to shake. The ingress ruin vibrates violently as it gathers aether from its surroundings. A small ball of light appears growing ever so slightly. In a few moments the ball of light suddenly flashes and loudly explodes. Birds flew away as forest creatures scurry in fear. A portal opens and the mysterious player/character steps out...