Kreid Fleet

2211 C.E.

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The year is 2211. For almost two centuries now not just mankind, but all life on Earth, has been at war. This is not a war of victories and battles, but one of survival, for mankind's hubris has turned the planet's weather into a devastating, ravaging, apocalyptic monster to be feared.

Civilization has fallen, society has collapsed, culture has been forgotten. Many of the scattered remnants of mankind have taken to living aboard sea-going vessels moored in protected, or as protected as anywhere can be, inlets and harbors.

Perhaps the largest and most organized of these is Kreid Fleet, moored at Fleet Outpost Rainier in what once was America's Pacific Northwest.

Still, they struggle just to survive. And their time may be running out...

The planet's turned against us, and it's our doing. It won't, however, be our undoing. We've got two options: Float or Die.
— Rear Admiral Isla Kreid


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More to come...