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We believe in open spaces!

I'm Abby, Your Guide at Krap Inc

by Bea Cerojano

It's time for a tour around the building! While this building is new, it was a decade since its construction all the infrastructure is state of the art. This building is important because, here The Board of Directors meet when they give a lucky employee the privilege to join them in a special ceremony. Some day, if you work very hard, it could be you. And you will never have to come back here.

Where would you go? I'm not programmed to answer that question.


The building has 58 floors, and it's divided into the five Directions you already know. Communication is currently the one you are working on now. But that could change if you show the motivation and skills to work in another area.

Interns, Juniors, Seniors and Project Managers work on the same floor, but the PMs have a separate office. The supervisors and coordinators are located on another floor. All of them have private offices. No, you can't see their offices unless they call you. Believe me you don't want that. You know the consequences.
by Alex Kotliarskyi

Meetings room

Every workplace that wants to be efficient must have room to hold meetings. Here it's everything a PM needs to conduct a successful brainstorming, card sorting, planning session or evaluation meeting.

Post-its, markers, a board, computers, a sound and visual system, a mic and coffee. And, of course, a good attitude. That's what you and your teammates provide.


We want our employees to be safe. That's why security is so important to all of us. Every person that enters the building, every exit, device, breath and beating heart is carefully monitored from floor 58.

You noticed I didn't say every thought. But worry not, new intern. Security is currently developing a project that would allow them to also monitor what our employees think and dream. It's going to be very profitable.
by Austin Li
by Quaritsch Photography
At Krap Inc, you have your devices specifically equipped for your tasks. Remember it's prohibited to use the company's equipment for personal reasons. Productivity is first. You have your free time to do your shopping.

by Bethany Legg
Lightning is crucial for productivity. Here is always bright and sunny. When the weather doesn't align with our goal, although someday it will, screens activate to give you that warmth you need to keep going.

by Christina @ wocintechchat.com
Sometimes in order to be productive, you need some time alone. We understand this. That's why there are specific corners of the office where you can sit for a moment to keep working alongside all the other coworkers that happened to need a moment alone at the same time as you. Do not thank me, we only do it for the productivity of our employees.

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2 Jan, 2023 18:35

Krap Inc is maybe my favorite new world this year and I think that says a lot about the societies that we find ourselves in. I can't wait for there to be more and I hate open office landscapes. :X   More please :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
3 Jan, 2023 13:28

I'm so happy you like my new world!! You know Megacorpolis is a great inspiration for Krap Inc. There will be more!! <3