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Her Illustrious Grace Tsypvyr Evzyrr Maevypp T'bey-Yae'lat Hn

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tsypvyr is one of the Elder Prime, the highest echelon of a dead race known as the Numeni. At her height, she was a revered member of House T'bey-Yae'lat Hn and, like the rest of her House, was renowned for her love for the natural world. Her personal project involved the cultivation of a distant, life-bearing planet she called Keral (later known by its indigenous people as Kralle) as a sanctuary for avian life. Following the Desecration , influencing events subtly from her hiding place.

Accomplishments & Achievements

As was the habit of many Elder Prime, Tsypvyr took great joy in cultivating a distant "pet planet," in the same way one might cultivate a garden. Her world, Kralle, was a famous sanctuary for the dinosaurs and birds with which she was so enamored. The world was a temperate getaway of sorts, celebrated for its rugged natural beauty and diverse, unique wildlife. Throughout her active life, Typsvyr regarded the world's burgeoning success as her greatest achievement.

Morality & Philosophy

As is characteristic of a member of House T'bey, Typsvyr was a romantic and otherwise a lover of the natural world. She believed in the persistence of free will, life, and the natural flow and will of the universe above all else. As a result, she was strongly opposed to the construction of the [Mediator]. Following its eventual construction, she remained a strong proponent of the generation of Nextkind, i.e. humanity.


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Character Portrait image: by yoresinger


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