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Sefia is the northernmost continent in Kralle. Mostly covered in desert, it is home to the Sifa and the Walker peoples, and is host to the Qahnic cycle. The Sifa Republic lies on its southern peninsula.


The majority of Sefia is flat desert, with extremely fine sand that's been weathered over the millennia by the force of the Qahn. The southeastern portion of the area is slightly mountainous due to the Derrish mountains, and some of this hilliness stretches into the southern peninsula as well. The northern portion of the continent is also slightly less flat and is closer to a tundra than a desert, though it's mostly uninhabited and unexplored. The continent is mostly without major sources of fresh water, save for scattered oases throughout the desert. The wildlife and human population of Sefia is heavily dependent on these oases, as rain is infrequent in the region.

Fauna & Flora

Plantlife in Sefia is sparce— where it does exist, it's mostly low-lying shrubs, cacti, and occasionally succulents. The Sandfowl is endemic to the area, and feeds primarily on cacti using its thick, spine-proof feet and crushing beak. Furthermore, Sefia is the natural habitat of most variations of drake. They prey primarily on the sandfowl, although they are not selective predators, and are even known to eat humans. The human population of Sefia has thinned out significantly since its total desertification, but the Walkers still maintain a minor presence in the desert at large, and the Sifa Republic is the largest city in Kralle.

Natural Resources

Naturally, sand is plentiful in Sefia, and this has given rise to the world-renowned glasswares of the Sifa Republic. The Sandfowl also comprise a major component of the continent's economy, and are considered an exotic and desirable form of poultry within Deren. The influence of the Qahn has also resulted in ample fulgurite formation in the wastes of the desert, which has become a staple of Sifa fashion and is considered a precious exotic stone by the Derrish.

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