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Frith is the southernmost continent of Kralle. It is heavily jungled and probably the most biologically diverse region on the planet. Its thick rainforest, the Sagewood, is host to the Wisebirds, and its eastern portion is the natural habitat of the Lowlander giants.


The overall topology of Frith is significantly flatter than that of Sefia, while still not quite as mountainous as Daehrius. The Frithian Mountain chain runs down its center. The Frithian Mountains, unlike The Ring, are quite old and are more like rolling hills in the modern day, lacking the jagged peaks characteristic of the Derrish mountains. The majority of Frith is covered in woods, be it temperate in the north or tropical in the south; most of this wood is very old growth. Myriad rivers cross the continent, again playing host to a remarkable entourage of diverse species. Because of its densely-wooded nature, the majority of Frith remains unexplored, and is considered to be quite dangerous.

Fauna & Flora

The biological diversity of Frith is immense, and the majority of its endemic species remain yet to be discovered. However, those of which modern explorers are aware have proven truly unique. Most notably, the Wisebirds of the Sagewood populate the central regions of the continent, and seem to have constructed a working society within the jungle. Moreover, the bizarre Lowlander giants call the continent's eastern reaches home, and dot the area with numerous tribes. The northern area of the continent, which is perhaps the best explored, is filled with unique birds including greater and lesser macaws, toucans, hornbills, and even the magnificent Terror birds. Interestingly, Frith seems to be the only continent that does not house at least one species of drake.   The flora of Frith is spectacular as well. Colossal tropical trees, ranging from palms to kapoks to rubber trees and more, completely fill the area to the brim, making it borderline innavigable. Even these are covered with myriad ferns, mosses, vines, bromeliads, and flowers. Citrus fruits and bananas blossom here as well. There are more unique plant species in a square mile of Frith than there are in all of Daehrius combined.

Natural Resources

The parrots of Frith are commonplace household pets for the nobles of Deren and even the wealthy merchant class of the Sifa Republic. Their plumage is beautiful and features in some more lavish garments. Frithian fruits are also in high demand, although their presence in the market is somewhat underwhelming: bananas, oranges, and coconuts are a few of the highly sought after ones. Some Frithian trees also produce rubber, the applications of which are only just being explored by some Sifa innovators. Lastly, the immense woods of the continent make it rife for a budding lumbering industry, and many of the unique trees of the region have bright, unique colorations that make them highly valuable and desirable.

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