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Daehrius is a temperate continent situated between Sefia to the north and Frith to the south. Its geography is dominated by the Ring, and some evidence suggests that in the ancient past the entire continent was in fact a single massive shield volcano. It is home to the brave birds and the Derrish people, and is renowned for its high level of civilization and bountiful harvests.


The terrain of Daehrius is exceedingly mountainous due to the presence of the Ring. Its central regions are fairly marshy and the coastlines are rocky. The soil of the area is exceptional due to the presence of volcanic ash. The area is fairly temperate, with warm summers and cool winters. Frost is not unusual, and the bowl of the ring is cooler than one might expect due to thermal inversion. Notably, the peaks of the mountains, where most of the continent's human habitation is centered, receive intense winters with plentiful snowfall.

Fauna & Flora

More humans reside on Daehrius than any other continent on Kralle, despite it being one of the smallest. They reside mainly on the mountains, and take full agricultural advantage of the region's superior soil quality. The interior of the Ring is host to fairly generic poultry and birds of prey, as well as more exotic swamp drakes, which have incorporated the mountain's heights and circular formation into their social mechanics. The coasts of the continent are fairly productive due to the volcanic ash runoff from the Patera River— numerous species of algae, fish, seabird, and crab live there, making for a relatively lucrative fishing industry and a minor population center at the river delta.   The plants of the area are mostly generic temperate ones, such as maples and firs. However, the soil quality enables them to grow to unusual size and age. Daehrian wildflowers are widely sought after throughout Kralle for their natural beauty, and the endemic blackcurrants and blackberries of the area are delicacies.

Natural Resources

Precious metals are common in the Daehrian mountains, and fine stones such as granite and marble are in no short supply either. The large and fast-growing trees of the area are perfect for lumbering. The continent's major river delta is also highly productive, and its crab and fish yields are immense. Furthermore, the high soil quality of the area leads to bountiful yields for the area's cash crops, including blackcurrant, blackberry, wheat, apples, and barley.

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