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Alasas is a city-state on the Sefian peninsula and the centerpoint of the Sifa Republic. It is the highest and most densely populated settlement in Kralle, and is the leading maritime and economic power in the Jaziel Sea if not all of Kralle.


The vast majority of Alasas is Sifa, although there are some Derrish diplomats and merchants established as well. Most residents of Alasas proper are merchants, and the closer to the coast one goes, the wealthier those merchants tend to be. Radiating outward from the coast are less successful merchants, artisans, and peasants.


The Reis is the technical head of state of Alasas, but is effectively powerless. Alasas is mostly governed by the Grand Council of the Sifa Republic, which is essentially a collection of the city's wealthiest merchants voted in by one another. Because the city is governed by merchants, taxes in Alasas are extremely low, and governance is arranged to bolster the merchant class. Farmers and peasants in the Sifa Republic are as a result considerably wealthier than the ones in Deren, as their taxes are slim and there is significant demand for their crops in the city itself.


Alasas is left relatively undefended— there are not really any walls, and most of the city's most valuable assets are open and facing the sea. However, the the city's navy is unmatched, and its corps of trained war-drakes is also unparalleled and highly dangerous.


The minds of Alasas are among the brightest in Kralle, and Alasi innovation is greatly coveted throughout the world. Some inventions from Alasas include the clock and the compass. Additionally, the region is a major exporter of glass and glassware. Some spices endemic to the region are highly demanded by Derrish consumers.   Trade relations between Deren, particularly out of Urheim, are strong. Wildflowers, beer, fruit, and precious metals from Deren are major imports into Alasas.


Because Alasas does not have brave birds at its disposal like Deren does, roads are much more prevalent within Alasas. Most of the city is connected by well-maintained stone roads and bridges, which are filled with drake-led caravans. The Alasi docks are a modern architectural marvel and among the largest in the world— hundreds of boats pull in and out of the city each day, and transportation by gondola throughout the city is not unusual.


The history of Alasas remains relatively young. As disgruntled Sifa Republic renounced their traditional Walker ways, many left their caravans and settled in minor villages in the south. Alasas, by fortune or destiny, was the only that survived. Eventually, most ex-Walkers came to settle there, and it became a bastion of anti-Walker sentiment and new age mercantilism. Over time, it grew into a major city, and from there into a major naval and mercantile power as innovation poured from the city and into the hands of the wealthy Derrish nobles.


Alasi architecture borrows heavily from Derrish architecture, particularly the older buildings, mainly because there was no other example to follow. However, over time it has evolved into its own unique brand, featuring more curved edges and ornate designs. Bright futures also feature prominently in modern Alasas buildings, often in pastel tones that contrast nicely with the sea.


Alasas is built on the southern end of the Sefia Peninsula, facing in toward the Jaziel Sea. It's a bit more mountainous than the rest of the continent (though still not comparable to Deren), and more temperate as well. Its climate and biome can best be described as Mediterranean. The relatively bumpy nature of the area makes its roads that much more crucial to efficient transportation.

Natural Resources

The mineral resources of Alasas are underwhelming, and trees are few and far between, making lumbering impractical. However, sandfowl are in great supply, and their cultivation is a major component of the Republic's economy. Additionally, the vast amount of sand has developed into a burgeoning glass industry— Sifa glassware is renowned worldwide.

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Sifa Republic

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