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Third of Fledging, 6381

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The World of Birds

Kralle is an enchanting world full of magic and, more importantly, birds. Avians have claimed the planet as the dominant form of life barring humanity, and they have filled every niche imaginable. Birds float on the seas and a wim through the waters; they perch on cliffs and look over mountains; they scale trees and cut through the air; they roam through the desert and brave the boreal regions; they even burrow beneath the ground, digging tunnels dutifully. They come in all shapes and sizes, some flying and some not. Dinosaurs (the ancient relatives of birds) roam the planet as well, revered as gods alongside a terrifying, legendary storm of their own design.   Humans live here, too. Though they've successfully domesticated some species for use on the homefront, for the most part they live in a wary, respectful arrangement with the powerful natural world. Despite having called the planet home for tens of thousands of years, humanity is still sequestered into fairly small, safe corners of the world, having been pushed back by the ever-looming and awesome power of nature.   Despite this, all has been well in the world of Kralle for millennia. Men lead happy lives, and birds go about their daily lives unmolested, for the most part as they did before humanity’s arrival. Even so, ancient rumblings have begun to reawaken, and old powers long forgotten are rearing their heads once again. Dinosaurs scream their terrible roars as they ravage cities, and once-peaceful birds begin striking out with seemingly no provocation. As disturbances begin to rack the world of Kralle one by one, it's up to a few unprepared heroes to keep the order and save the human race, and Kralle itself, from annihilation.