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Basic Information


Their true form is a sentient being of pure magical energy. However, as an Earthly form, they prefer to opt for fair-skinned elves, believing they embody their artistic, creative approach to life.   As a God, their body appears differently to everyone who has seen them, but the common feature is the bluish-white eyes, with no pupils. As an Earthly form, their elves usually have blonde hair, with fair skin, green eyes, and humanoid features.

Genetics and Reproduction

They cannot reproduce as a celestial, but once in the material plane, they can reproduce like a normal creature. This can be sexual, or they can impregnate by merely inserting their magical essence into the womb of a woman. The gestation period is incredibly short, from 2 to 3 months. The baby has the powers of a Creator, but dimmed.

Growth Rate & Stages

Creators, whether in the material or celestial plane, cannot age. Their offspring though, age similarly to the race of the mother, and can possess some of the powers the Creator has.

Ecology and Habitats

They live in the Celestial Plane, a plane where the panthea of gods freely interact and observe with the other planes of existence. The gate to the multiverse is also contained here.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It does not need sustenance.

Biological Cycle

A Creator is not affected by time, in the Celestial plane, but on the Material Plane, they age similarly to the race they have chosen to be. When they die, they resume their previous form as a celestial.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The power to fashion any creature in the universe, from any form of material. They have power unseen on the material plane and are immortal due to the constant rebuilding of their magical energy. Like all celestials, they are all-knowing, and can jump to any universe in the multiverse as they please. they can assume any form on the material plane, but once they inhabit the plane, their power's are severely limited. They are not immortal but are still incredibly powerful. The biggest drawback is that they still have to feel the same laws every other creature abides by. They can freely exit this plane whenever they wish.
Scientific Name
Conservation Status
This creature is so powerful, conservation is not required. It can create anything possible in irrespective of time, space and destruction.
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