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Kosmodion The Land of Songs

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The origins of this world are shrouded in mystery, but there are some who say it started with a song. And there are some who say it will end with one.
— Khadagan the Doomsinger

Welcome to Kosmodion, an original high fantasy setting. A land of heroes and villains, epics and fairy tales. The world and stories therein explores classical themes of fantasy, primarily in an era inspired by our own world's Early Medieval Period, an epoch largely defined by sweeping social, political, and economic shifts.
The ancient empires of the world have long fallen and their ruins lie heavy on the land. The grand libraries have all burned and long sat as ash. But life goes on and civilization rebuilds in the shadows of giants. Much of what was known of this world has been lost, to time, to wrath, to ruin. This is what remains.