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Kos is a world caught up in war between the mortals and gods alike. In the mortal plane, the Church of the One continues to push eastward, ever expanding its reach and power. Wherever the Church goes, however, there it meets a new breed of cult, worshiping various pantheons, gods, demi-gods, and all manner of other things. Some of the cults are friendly, others are hostile.   Whether the Church attempts to spread their message peacefully or by the sword, however, the war in the spiritual plane wages on. Valkyrie, winged servants of Theandros, battle against the Arch-Gods, a group of powerful beings worshiped under different monikers across Kos. The Valkyrie, along with the Church, battle for the souls of the people. However, the Arch-Gods and their spiritual armies also desire the souls of the mortal plane.   As the battle wages on, mortals are left to ponder which side truly has their own best interest at heart. Is Theandros and his Church a force for good, or for evil? Are the Arch-Gods and their cults as benevolent as they claim, or do they have something sinister hidden away?     Kos is a world that is still largely under development, and will probably be in development indefinitely. I am working on this world for use in my Homebrew/Pathfinder campaign, Relics of the Old Gods, and I intend to follow up with more campaigns in the world of Kos in the future.Kos is a world with medieval high fantasy themes, gritty and dark histories, and plenty of political (and often supernatural) intrigue.

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