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Kor'Treum is a diverse land filled with a wide range of races, cultures, and traditions. From the heart of the Crown in Amyrest, to the frigid wonders of Solfrost to the west, Kor'Treum's land is as diverse as it's people.   A little over 800 cycles ago, the Mystic Heart Crystal was discovered Amyrest, turning it into the capital of the Kingdoms. The Crystal palace was built to house the crystal and the ruling body, The Crown, resides within. This unusual gem formation looks like a blooming flower when viewed from the top. Clear crystal points form the center, surrounded by yellow/gold petal-like crystals linked at their base. Surrounding those are four heart-shaped ruby colored crystals with narrowing points that allow similar shaped emerald crystals to peek between each "petal". Everything is formed on a moss colored agate geode. The powers of this gem are known only by The Crown.   The Dor - Dor means “people”.  The Dor are the children of Kor’Treum and are considered all beings that live on the land regardless of race.  The Dor don’t often refer to themselves by race but by birthplace.  Regardless of someone being an elf, dwarf, dragonborn, or any other race, if they are born in Solfrost, they call themselves Solfrost’dor.   The Dor see the gods they worship in their daily life. The Kor (gods) are literally the world around them. Kor is common for “infinite being” thus most gods/desses are referred to as Kor first and their defining feature afterwards.  Example is Kor’Sper which is the god of water and what the people of Kor’Treum call all large bodies of water (i.e. oceans). Sper means water and all water, whether it's in a glass or dripping from the Spek (sky) is called sper.  

Come Explore Kor'Treum

  Kor'Treum is a growing world that you and your players can explore. Whether you use all, part, or none of the corresponding stories, NPCs, articles, locations, etc. I hope to at least inspire you to create rich and interesting worlds.   All the maps for this world are free to use, as is any of the names, articles, characters, or stories.   A special thanks to my patrons who help me continue to build Kor'Treum through collaborative world building and our wonderful play-by-post games!

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  • Map of The Shattered Tower

    One of two abandoned towers once home to magi who are rumored to be responsible for Mirelyn’s Skyrealm breaking away and floating off.

  • Map of Kor's Haunt

    A tiny series of islands to the southwest from which Mirelyn’s Skyrealm was originally a part of, now these islands are sacred places of worship with temples to the Kor.  It is here that many come to find peace, healing, and learn the ways of the monk, cleric, or paladin.  It is also a place known as the “crossroads of the planes” where the veil is thin and the right ritual will bring you to another plane.  Many of the clergy here can provide travel to the plane of the Kor they worship as well as others if they are aligned with them.   Kor’s Haunt is a place of deceiving beauty for as stunning as much of the landscape can be, so can it be dangerous with creatures roaming about unlike any in other lands.  It is here they say the Kraken was born and the dryads dwell.  For every bit of beauty there is a matching bit of underlying dread.  Careful what you wish for here, you just might get it.

  • Map of The Sunken Dynasty

    Little is known about this dynasty, save that it somehow incurred the wrath of Kor’Sper who sank it with a single wave.  The top of a tower is visible in the sper when sailing off the coast of Yond towards the southeast.  Few who have lived to tell the tale say there seems to be several levels to the tower though only two entrances: one through the very top of the tower and one that looked as if it might have been a balcony, that now rests on the sper floor.

  • Map of The Queen's Galley

    Palace ruins hidden in the mountains and nearly impossible to reach, they are rumored to once be the home of a queen who dared compare her beauty to that of Spek’Phyre.  The Kor came thundering down upon the queen & her palace, destroying it in moments and claimed the islands as their home among the Dor.

  • Map of Mirelyn’s Skyrealm

    This floating estate to the southwest of Odnol is the subject of much speculation.  Some claim a powerful wizard (Mirelyn) created it to get away from everyone in order to study in peace.  Other’s say its part of the Sundered Dragon myth and that’s it’s pieces of it’s corpse put there as a reminder to always be respectful to the Kor.

  • Map of Din'Tely

    A desert kingdom, Din’Tely is ruled by the Wandering Priesthood if nothing but by default.  If any of the treum had once been owned by a noble or royal family, none claim it now.  The Priests offer passage along the Crag River, whose dry river bed acts as a road to keep anyone from wandering too far into the desert.  Anyone not following the river is often left for the desert to claim.  The Priests that direct travelers say very little about the Priesthood but it is rumored that they worship Marha, an exiled goddess who gave birth to demons.

  • Map of The Wolf Tower

    One of two abandoned towers once home to magi who are rumored to be responsible for Mirelyn’s Skyrealm breaking away and floating off.

  • Map of Amyrest

    Before becoming the capitol of all of Kor’Treum shortly after the discovery of the Mystic Heart Crystal, Amyrest was once a far more desolate land with a small community of struggling farmers.  The Hag’s Whisper, now known as The Cherished Forest, was considered a place of dark magic where strange creatures roamed at night.  The Heart Forest, where the crystal is rumored to have been found was once a nameless thicket the locals considered to be haunted.   Only Whispersbrook and Cragilum hint at the old kingdom and both are considered the unsavory parts of the kingdom.

  • Map of The Kingdom Borders

    The kingdoms of Kor'Treum borders defined by color.

  • Map of The Kingdoms of Kor'Treum
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