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White Veiled Mushroom

Probably one of the most dangerous mushrooms due to it's misleading appearance. Resembling a common white mushroom. The only difference being a veil under the fruiting body that breaks upon maturity and releasing it's spores. There are two variations of the White Veiled Mushroom, making identification trickier. One, being a pure white mushroom. Is one of most toxic and deadly mushroom known, similar to Double Black Mushrooms To identify the variants, the mushroom must be cut open, The deadly variant will be pure white, and the safer will have a purplish blue core. It also seems to have pain reducing properties as well as being quite an energy boost. Eaten in high amounts can be dangerous to the heart.

Basic Information


These mushrooms by quick glance are almost identical to common white mushrooms. Only upon closer inspection can you determine one from the other. The White Veil mushrooms have a flap over the gils on the underside of the Cap that is released when they drop spores. When this happens, this flap drapes loosely on the stem. The next hard part is determining if the White Veil mushroom is safe, and that is to cut it open. If it is pure white, discard it, as it is not safe for consumption. If it has a purplish blue core, it is safe.

Genetics and Reproduction

This mushroom has gills underneath the cap, as well as a flap of tissue called a veil, that protects the gils until the mushroom is ready to drop it's spores, usually into stronger winds.

Growth Rate & Stages

These mushrooms grow and mature very quickly, being fully mature in around 72 hours, and dropping their spores within 24 hours afterwards.

Ecology and Habitats

These mushrooms are quite rare, and only an experienced Forager can safely determine if these are safe to consume or not.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The real use of the White Veil mushrooms comes down to the knowledge of which one is safe for not. The safe to consume variant has alot of helpful properties, such as assisting with pain relief, and giving a high dose energy boost. A physical and mental stimulation, a sort of high when consumed. Because of this, they are commonly abused as recreational supplements and can be very addictive. One must keep in mind, they are very dangerous in large portions and can cause heart complications.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
4-5 days once harvested
Average Height
They 3-4 inches tall with a cap around 4 inches in diameter.
Average Weight
3-4 Grams wet.

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