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The Outlanders

The Outlanders. Arrival at the Apex on your first day is terribly frightening. Most do not come with a plan, but some do. Some come with background knowledge from books and stories about life on a habitable planet. Those few that don't have a desire to investigate to megastructers created by the scrap deposits, attempt to disappear into the wilderness. And disappear they do.   From other groups, it is mostly unknown if the outlanders have a single home settlement, or if they exist everywhere.   The Outlanders come together from those from the early era that managed to survive on their own in the wilderness. Alot of them making their own safe havens, and homes for themselves. Content with living off of the land itself. Occasionally driferts would come in, those fleeing from the apex. These people may settle down together, and aide one another. Most of those that lived in the wilderness had no qualms with anyone else. They were just happy for another chance at life. These wilderness people often knew of others that resided in the forest as well. They explored alot in search of food, and water.   There was almost an unspoken code amongst the outlanders, of peace, and protection. If a drifter came in, and quickly made a bad name for himselves. He would not stay long, those that already made this land their home would make sure of it. Even if it meant banding together.


Most of those that call themselves Outlanders, share one simple belief, life is good. In that, they all share a love of life and all things living. Often these individuals have emense knowledge of fauna and food sources, as well as the water locations, and the land itself.
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