Haulers. A difficult and demanding job, although one that is necessary regardless of where, or who you live with. Haulers handle anything from felled trees, needing to be broken down and relocated, to brining back water from a water source. Some haulers work exclusively with Scavangers to bring back certain finds. Most haulers work in large teams if they are part of a community, as some of the tasks they are assigned may be to move large and heavy items back to an encampment.



There are no qualifications other than being physically fit and able to perform manual labor.

Career Progression

There is no real progression to hauler work, it is often seen as low class work.

Payment & Reimbursement

While haulers are necessary for any community, they are often not paid very well. Although, some communities do well in providing rations to every member.

Other Benefits

Most communities are willing to bring in manual labor such as a hauler. They are very important, specifically with good Scavangers working in the field too.



This is one of the big manual labor jobs that is held. As most everything can be found in a Drop Site, Having the force to be able to reliably bring these items back to camp is very important. Due to lack of workers, some camps are much closer to Drop Sites meaning less workers may be required.



If a community has the capability of making a cart, it can drastically increase the potential of haulers. Often carts require specific materials, as well as a competent crafter, and may not always be avalible.
Alternative Names
Hauler, Mover,


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